Matt Hardy comments on Triple H's retirement

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Matt Hardy comments on Triple H's retirement

Triple H announced his permanent retirement from wrestling. It wasn't exactly a bolt from the blue, as The Game had moved away from the ring in recent years. The 14-time world champion was the main architect of the NXT miracle, making the Black and Gold brand a great alternative to the Raw and SmackDown shows.

In September 2021, HHH underwent a delicate heart operation following a cardiac event. The long rehabilitation process led him to abandon the desire to return to fighting: "Now I have a chest defibrillator, I do not think I need to take risks." The Cerebral Assassin allowed himself a brief appearance on the second night of Wrestlemania 38, where he greeted the WWE Universe and left his boots in the center of the ring.

In the latest edition of the Extreme Life podcast, former WWE superstar Matt Hardy commented on the retirement of Triple H.

Matt Hardy pays tribute to Triple H

Hardy said: "We all have to retire sooner or later, it's a natural fact.

I contacted Triple H when I learned that he had had a heart operation and we talked for a while. I have known Paul for a long time and have worked with him several times, we have never had any problems. He is formidable in the ring, as well as being one of the smartest performers he has ever met." Matt also spoke of the breakup between his brother Jeff and WWE: "There have been several false reports, it is not true that Jeff was under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

He always stayed clean during his last WWE stint. He had a weird behavior during a live event in Texas. It is not known why, he left the ring and mingled in the crowd. Jeff has always been a quirky and original guy, we don't find out today. Jeff didn't want to be fired, he acted that way because that's his nature."