Ryan Katz: Nothing has saddened me so much as the death of Dusty Rhodes

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Ryan Katz: Nothing has saddened me so much as the death of Dusty Rhodes

WWE Former NXT Associate Producer Ryan Katz spoke to the Handsome Genius Club Radio Show about his WWE release and was shocked to hear that he had to leave this famous organization. “I got a phone call that came during a time where I had a discussion with one of my bosses that seemed to go pretty well and then he went to go take a call and I went on with my day,” Katz recalled, as quoted by wrestlinginc.

“And then the going on with my day turned into getting a call from someone else with, ‘I just lost my job’. It came out of nowhere. “Now through all that, that’s life and things happen, and we move on,” Katz continued.

“I got to have eight and a half years of incredible education, entertainment, world travels, coaching, mentorship, got to work with some of the greatest people from all over the world and all walks of life that even in a situation of getting bad news where you feel like your hearts being ripped out, so to speak, and your dream is coming to an end, I’ve still yet to have any feelings of anger, resentment, sadness, frustration”.

Dusty Rhodes death

What saddened most WWE fans was the death of Dusty Rhodes, a famous wrestler who marked an era of wrestling and is considered one of the greatest. The news saddened all those who followed Rhodes as children or adults and admired his performances.

Ryan Katz was extremely sad after that, and couldn’t find the right words for the sadness he felt after all. “He would be like {impersonating Dusty}, ‘Ryan Katz, I’m not your boss. I’m your coworker.

And you know what? I’m not even just your coworker. I’m your friend’,” Katz recalled. “And it was just, it was just awesome stuff”. “I wish it could’ve been longer,” Katz said.

“But the craziest thing is to know that after only having two years with the guy, when he did pass, I had never experienced losing someone in my life like that. And like through relatives and grandparents that, you know, I hadn’t necessarily been super tight with in my life.

Like no death has really done that, and it broke me a little bit. It was, it was crazy. Like, that was my Yoda and it was wild, and he believed in me and supported me”. All this speaks volumes about how great a fighter Rhodes was and how much he will be remembered. Truly, an impressive career.