Rhea Ripley in tears at Triple H's farewell

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Rhea Ripley in tears at Triple H's farewell

A few days ago, Triple H announced his permanent retirement from wrestling. The 14-time world champion had gradually moved away from the ring in recent years, thanks to advancing age and the desire to focus more on his managerial role.

The Game has personally contributed to the birth and rise of NXT, making the Black and Gold brand a great alternative to the Raw and SmackDown shows. In September 2021, HHH underwent a delicate heart operation following a cardiac event.

Rehabilitation was long and difficult, as Hunter himself admitted several times. Barring sensational and unlikely twists, his last match will remain the one played against Randy Orton on Raw last year. The Cerebral Assassin made a brief appearance on the second night of WrestleMania 38, where he greeted the WWE Universe and left his boots in the center of the ring.

Speaking to the media after the Showcase of the Immortals, Rhea Ripley spent beautiful words on Triple H. Rhea said: "I love Triple H and it was great to see him at WrestleMania. When he made his entrance to him, a lot of tears came down.

The last few months have not been easy for him, he's been through a lot and knowing that he won't fight anymore is really sad for me. It is thanks to him that I joined WWE. The Game is why I started watching wrestling, it was he who pushed me to start wrestling.

Without his help and support, I would never have become the Rhea Ripley you know today. HHH believed in me and gave me plenty of opportunities to show off, I have to acknowledge that. I am delighted that he is well and I wish him the best."

Hunter was undoubtedly one of the iconic faces of the modern era, having helped export the WWE product to every corner of the world.