What will Steve Austin do after Wrestlemania?

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What will Steve Austin do after Wrestlemania?

To close the first evening of Wrestlemania 38, in the Night One of the Showcase of the Immortals, which left all the fans of the WWE Universe connected from all over the world enthusiastic and flocked from all over the globe to follow the deeds of WWE Superstars live most famous ever, Stone Cold Steve Austin's first match after 19 years of retirement took care of it.

Almost twenty years after his last contest in that of the Grandaddy of Them All, Stone Cold is back in the ring for a real match against the Canadian of the company, Kevin Owens, after weeks of teasing, insults and denigration towards the state of Texas and towards the physical condition of the most famous WWE Hall of Famer of all time.

After accepting the challenge that started from Owens' mouth on Monday Night Raw, Steve Austin trained like never before to return to an acceptable physical shape for a huge stage like that of Wrestlemania, with the wrestler who did not go into the ring for one of his matches from the 19 edition of the show of the shows, which surprised fans with a performance that went on for several minutes.

In the end, as it should be, Steve Austin triumphed in his match against the Canadian, then also showed up on the second night dedicated to the show of the shows, attacking the WWE Chairman, Austin Theory and Pat McAfee.

Did Steve Austin really end up wrestling wrestling?

After seeing him unexpectedly in the WWE rings after almost two decades since his last match, with Austin's return to his assets that no one would ever have imagined, now fans are starting to wonder if sooner or later they will see the WWE Hall of Famer in action again.

or if Wrestlemania was his last match ever.
To take stock of the situation, the well-known overseas site, WrestlingNews, thought about it for the moment, with the journalists of that page who in fact reported that at the moment the WWE has no plans for Stone Cold, writing: "While McMahon would probably like to have Austin in the ring once again to do something, words come backstage that seem to reveal how delighted Austin is to have made this performance against Kevin Owens and that there are no plans for him to get back to fighting once again." At the moment, the WWE management would have no further plans for the Steve Austin wrestler, which would suggest a retirement, although on the other hand, not even a definitive retirement has been formalized, with the athlete having returned to the ring after 20 years old, also showing himself in top form, could now return once again, challenging someone else.