Steve Austin star at Wrestlemania

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Steve Austin star at Wrestlemania

That this edition of Wrestlemania staged from Dallas, Texas, was marked by the return of Stone Cold Steve Austin, was now a matter of course, but that both cards of the shows were skyrocketed due to the presence of the Rattlesnake in excellent form, fans certainly weren't expecting it.

As we could see in the first night dedicated to Wrestlemania 38, Steve Austin is back in the business with a real match against Kevin Owens, the heel par excellence of Monday Night Raw, who for months had insulted him and the state of Texas on the screens of the red show.

Finally, yesterday evening, the chat is over, to make room for the actions in the ring. After seeing the final victory with lots of celebrations and galore beers, it was thought that WWE Universe fans would not have seen Stone Cold for quite a while and they didn't.

Just this night, during the match between Pat McAfee and Austin Theory, the unthinkable happened, with the Chairman of the federation who returned to fight in the ring and with Stone Cold who wanted to put the point of the situation, taking Stunner to anyone.

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Steve Austin stars at Wrestlemania

During the contest that involved Pat McAfee going against Austin Theory, obviously there was also the presence of the WWE Chairman at ringside, with Vince McMahon who wanted to accompany his young pupil in the ring.

After a fairly short match, in which McAfee showed a truly remarkable state of form, as seen years ago against Adam Cole at NXT, the WWE reporter ended the contest with a surprising roll-up, beating Theory a bit of robbery.

After making fun of the Chairman, however, McAfee was attacked by both Theory and the Chairman himself, with Vince Mcmahon who decided to take off his jacket and shirt, to return to tread the ring like a real wrestler, making him play the bell to the referee.

After several Theory meddles, Vince McMahon eventually managed to kick his opponent in the ribs, ending the fight and winning his match at over 70 years of playing in the WWE rings, but that's exactly where he is. the fun has arrived, with Stone Cold Steve Austin making his entrance into the ring, taking to the sound of Stunner everyone who came close to him, from Austin Theory to Vince McMahon and eventually also Pat McAfee, as we have seen him do dozens and dozens of times in WWE history.