Will Vince and Stephanie McMahon fight again?

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Will Vince and Stephanie McMahon fight again?

While it may seem strange knowing Stephanie McMahon's executive career, the WWE Chairman's daughter in life was WWE Women's Champion and struggled a few times, the most recent being at Wrestlemania 34 when she and her husband Triple H challenged Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle in an excellent match.

Speaking with Mike Pielucci of D Magazine, she was asked about her potential return to the ring to fight and she replied: "Well, nobody's boots are never officially hung. But that said, Ronda put me in my place about four years ago, so I highly doubt I would have made a return to the ring unless it was exactly the perfect right thing that everyone needed me to do."

Then in the same interview she was also asked what she thinks about her father's possible return to the ring instead, who is now 76 years old, and she said: "So I'm neither confirming nor denying anything, but hypothetically, if I were to see my father get in the ring, I would say probably the same thing I would do as an employee working for the company: I feel bad for whoever is in there with him!

Vince McMahon doesn't lose! Vince McMahon will pull every trick out of the book, and create his own new along the way! I'm not worried about Vince McMahon at all. I worry about everyone else in there with him."

Stephanie also said she doesn't see Vince retire from his current position as WWE CEO anytime soon: "He said, I believe, publicly that he's going to die in the chair. We'll see. Who knows? Life is long and unpredictable, but somehow, I don't see him retiring anytime soon."