Bianca Belair cuts Becky Lynch's hair on Raw

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Bianca Belair cuts Becky Lynch's hair on Raw

In recent weeks, the feuds for Wrestlemania have obviously turned on more and more, leading fans of the WWE Universe to become more and more passionate about what are the storylines that WWE wants to bring to the show of the shows, with several great characters of the show.

companies that are in fact shifting their feud to the personal, whether it be for the title or without. One of the feuds that is most closely followed by fans of the WWE Universe, is certainly that between the champion of Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch and her opponent for Wrestlemania, Bianca Belair, former champion of Smackdown, who since the last edition of Summerslam they carry on a feud that seems to never end.

After becoming the No. 1 contender for the title of The Man, Bianca has suffered several attacks, even quite devious, with the latest episode of the red show going on air tonight that has given her a very succulent revenge, to which fans they didn't think so, with a pair of scissors that literally shocked the fans in the arena where the show was aired.

In the last episode aired as every week on the American TV screens of USA Network, WWE wanted to leave ample space for its champion of the Monday Night Raw red show and her opponent for Wrestlemania, with Bianca doing her promo in the center of the company's ring.

However, it soon turned into a fight, when Becky unexpectedly popped up from under the ring, attacking Belair and trying to cut her very long hair. At that point, Montez Ford's wife managed to free herself from the Irishman's attack, hitting her with her KOD and only then did the unimaginable happen.

With scissors, it was Bianca Belair who cut large locks of hair to the raw red-haired athlete, with WWE officials having to run to avoid the worst, with Bianca Belair thus receiving her revenge in sight by Wrestlemania.