Bret Hart: "Brock Lesnar is the opposite of Goldberg"

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Bret Hart: "Brock Lesnar is the opposite of Goldberg"

Two of the characters that made the WCW the company to beat for the then WWF of the McMahon family, were certainly Bret The Hitman Hart and Bill Goldberg, athlete with a very long streak of victories, who came to the ring several times also as opponents.

To end the career of the protagonist of the WWE's Montreal Screwjob, it was one of these matches against Da Man, with the future WWE Hall of Famer hitting his opponent's face and head in a totally clumsy way, causing yet another concussion that put an end to the career of Stu Hart's legendary eldest son.

Even today, in several interviews, Bret Hart has his tooth poisoned for that event, with Goldberg receiving insults after insults, for having inadvertently put an end to the career of the older brother of the late Owen Hart.

Over the years, many have confirmed that Da Man is a very stiff character in the rings of the various shows in which he presented himself, that is a wrestler not very dedicated to cleaning maneuvers, who goes to hit his opponents very hard, without to care for their safety and Bret Hart is one of the staunchest supporters of this thought.

Bret Hart confronts Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg in the ring

During one of his last interviews in virtual meetings with fans of the discipline, for Signed By Superstars, Bret Hart wanted to talk about the substantial differences between Brock Lesnar and Bill Goldberg, with Bret who already several times talking with his niece Natalya admitted that he would willingly worked with The Beast Incarnate if only time and physical condition allowed.

In his speech, the legendary WWF and WCW athlete, then also introduced into the McMahon Hall of Fame, wanted to affirm: "I've always felt that Brock was a good worker. I've never heard that Lesnar was too stiff in the ring.

I've always felt the opposite, which seems very stiff, but in reality he is a great professional in the ring. Totally the opposite of Goldberg." Also in this case, the Canadian did not want to spare at all his umpteenth thrust against Da Man, guilty of having abruptly interrupted his career in the ring of the Turner company.

Will he one day stop being angry with Goldberg, Bret Hart, or will he continue to pursue him with this story for life?