Did JBL want to go back to fighting in a WWE ring?

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Did JBL want to go back to fighting in a WWE ring?

There are many Superstars who have been lucky enough to have a long career in wrestling but no one can compete in the ring forever. One of the many among them is JBL who has long since left the WWE rings. John Bradshaw Layfield has been a commentator since his career in the ring came to an end and at one point he was also a part of The JBL and Cole Show on YouTube.

During an episode of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw, Hall of Famer JBL revealed that he wanted to return to a WWE ring to play a tag team match with Heath Slater. On this possibility: "I liked this thing so much that I went to Vince and said, 'Listen, I could go back to fighting in a tag match with Heath Slater as my nephew.'

Vince thought about it and revealed: It's really interesting. But then he thought it wasn't going to work, so he backed out. Vince McMahon also said, Well, how are we going to get out of that? I said, It's simple.

Eventually we will say that Clem isn't really my nephew.' That would have allowed the storyline to go on and somehow everything else with whatever." On Happy Corbin, JBL revealed: "I love Baron Corbin. I think he's a smart guy and I'd like to be a manager.

The problem is I'm like Colonel Parker, I'm two meters tall and I can't accompany many people. There can't be a bigger manager than the wrestler and so I'm a bit limited. However, Baron Corbin reminds me a lot of who I was, I've always thought that.

I see myself a lot in him. He wants to be a heel and few can be pure heels. Randy Orton is capable of being a real heel. I don't see myself in Randy because I think he's superior to me, as he's capable of so many things.

There aren't many who want to be pure heels. Roddy Piper was a real heel. I have been a pure heel and there are few who want to be or have the skills to do so. Corbin, however, has the qualities to be an excellent heel."