Scott Hall died aged 63 year-old

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Scott Hall died aged 63 year-old

Unfortunately, after a surgery to fix his hip, Scott Hall suffered three cardiac arrests due to a blood clot, which unfortunately happens much more often than you think, with the athlete unable to do it nothing to avoid the worst.

The official news of the athlete's death also arrived at the opening of Monday Night Raw, with the WWE who wanted to break the news with its usual graphics that open the shows, with the birth and death dates of the now ex-athletes who have just died.

The bad medical situation we told you about in which the two-time WWE Hall of Fame ended up, with the former WWF and WCW wrestler who unfortunately had several heart attacks that had led him to an emergency hospitalization, with so much of life-saving machinery to be attached to for life support, unfortunately led to the athlete's death.

After waiting for a miracle in vain, Scott Hall's family preferred to unplug the machines to which the well-known former wrestler was attached, unfortunately only waiting for the death that was now inevitable for the athlete, who arrived in the night.

At the age of 63, one of the greatest protagonists of wrestling of the 90s and 2000s thus disappears, who had managed to make the sensational transition to WCW together with Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, writing a very important page of American wrestling of those years.


Will Ronda Rousey stay in WWE?

Ronda Rousey recently returned to WWE at Royal Rumble 2022 after being away from the ring for several years, in fact the last time we saw her fight for the McMahon company was when she lost the Raw title at Wrestlemania 35 in 'April 2019.

Now she's back, winning the women's Royal Rumble Match challenging Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown women's title at Wrestlemania 38, where the two will be part of Night 1 or Wrestlemania Saturday, as the show will run over two evenings this year.

Although recently, during one of her gaming lives, she said that she doesn't know how much her body will hold after so long so far from the square, Rousey is continuing with the weekly episodes and also the tours, which between April and May the they will also see protagonists in Europe.

Also during one of her live shows on her Facebook, the former UFC joked that she would stay in WWE until she and husband Travis Browne decided to have another child. In fact, the couple welcomed her daughter La'akea Makalapuaokalanip┼Ź in September 2021, first daughter for Ronda, but third for her husband who has two sons from a previous relationship.

"Yes, I remain in WWE even after Wrestlemania 38. I will stay for a while. I just had a baby girl. I'm not ready for another one yet, so I'll stick around until we're ready for number two, or four." We remind you that according to some previous reports, Ronda has signed a contract with the WWE of at least one year, which would take her up to Wrestlemania 39 where she presumably will finally have her match face to face with the current Raw champion Becky Lynch, which all the fans expect given the ambiguous ending of Wrestlemania 35 and also because we actually never had the opportunity to see them in a 1 vs 1 match after Becky's injury suffered by Nia Jax during the Survivor Series 2018 period and then the subsequent inclusion of Charlotte Flair in the main event of Wrestlemania in 2019.