Chris Jericho: "Triple H and I never got along"

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Chris Jericho: "Triple H and I never got along"

Two of the most famous personalities related to American pro-wrestling, especially in the last 20-25 years of art in the USA, are undoubtedly Triple H and Chris Jericho, respectively multiple world champions of the Stamford federation, with the first who has seen fit to get married with WWE Chairman's daughter Stephanie McMahon and the second who went to work in the rings of WWE's rival company, AEW.

In fact, in the last two abundant years, Jericho has been one of the key figures in the growth of the now second most important company in the United States, with the All Elite that has grown exponentially in the space of a few months, also thanks to the abundant additions in the roster, with numerous big names that exiting the WWE, either for a desired release or for a dismissal that came suddenly, have magnified the star power and the importance of the shows of the Khan family's company.

In the last episode of the Kurt Angle Show, personal program of the WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle, Jericho wanted to talk about the famous hatred that would have been between him and the WWE COO for years, with such rumors that they would have been confirmed by the same athlete.

In his speech in front of his historical colleague Kurt Angle, Y2J in fact wanted to say: "There was a lot of politics at the time. And when I say this, it's not from a spiteful point of view or an angry point of view.

It is simply what it was. So, coming to us, there was a lot of heat between Hunter and me; it involved Chyna. A little bit involved X-Pac as well. But Hunter and I just didn't like each other and I think Hunter got a big boost, like power, that made it even less enjoyable for me.

Of course, even though he never did anything to get my name to be buried by Vince, I'm sure that every time my name came up, he would come up with an 'Oh, that guy? But let's go! ' It's just how the business worked at the time.

So, I think we've had a lot to do with this."

Leyla Hirsch criticized for her Russian origins

Russian wrestler is criticized for her origins. In the latest pay-per-view branded All Elite Wrestling, so we are talking about AEW Revolution which took place on Sunday 6 March 2022, Leyla Hirsch faced Kris Statlander in the Buy In, managing to win the contest, even if in a way not of the all correct.

During the match, Hirsch wore gear with the colors of the Russian flag and this sparked some controversy on social media. Leyla was born in Moscow, the Russian capital, on September 27, 1996 and was adopted by an American couple at the age of 8, who took her to live in New Jersey and has not moved from the USA since then.

But obviously it is not so easy for her to forget her origins and every time she steps into the ring she brings a bit of Russian with her, putting the country's flag on her various attire and so it was also at AEW Revolution.

After the criticism she has received from various people, Leyla has decided to break the silence and issue a statement on what is happening at the moment, namely the war between Russia and Ukraine. These are her words: "I want to clarify one thing.

I am with Ukraine one hundred percent and my heart breaks for its citizens who suffer at the hands of Vladimir Putin. I was born in Russia. I came to the United States at eight years and I became an American citizen. I cannot change my origins more than any other citizen who can change hers.

Just being born in Russia does not mean that I support this brutal dictator. Anyone who would suggest such a thing has simply wrong, plain and simple. " Obviously it is not said that if a person has certain origins then the person must approve everything that those in power of the person country do and certainly the gesture of putting the flag on the person attire, has always been a way for Leyla to pay homage to her country and do not forget her origins, and not to support those who govern it.