Will Ronda Rousey stay in WWE?

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Will Ronda Rousey stay in WWE?

Ronda Rousey recently returned to WWE at Royal Rumble 2022 after being away from the ring for several years, in fact the last time we saw her fight for the McMahon company was when she lost the Raw title at Wrestlemania 35 in 'April 2019.

Now she's back, winning the women's Royal Rumble Match challenging Charlotte Flair for the SmackDown women's title at Wrestlemania 38, where the two will be part of Night 1 or Wrestlemania Saturday, as the show will run over two evenings this year.

Although recently, during one of her gaming lives, she said that she doesn't know how much her body will hold after so long so far from the square, Rousey is continuing with the weekly episodes and also the tours, which between April and May the they will also see protagonists in Europe.

Also during one of her live shows on her Facebook, the former UFC joked that she would stay in WWE until she and husband Travis Browne decided to have another child. In fact, the couple welcomed her daughter La'akea Makalapuaokalanip┼Ź in September 2021, first daughter for Ronda, but third for her husband who has two sons from a previous relationship.

"Yes, I remain in WWE even after Wrestlemania 38. I will stay for a while. I just had a baby girl. I'm not ready for another one yet, so I'll stick around until we're ready for number two, or four." We remind you that according to some previous reports, Ronda has signed a contract with the WWE of at least one year, which would take her up to Wrestlemania 39 where she presumably will finally have her match face to face with the current Raw champion Becky Lynch, which all the fans expect given the ambiguous ending of Wrestlemania 35 and also because we actually never had the opportunity to see them in a 1 vs 1 match after Becky's injury suffered by Nia Jax during the Survivor Series 2018 period and then the subsequent inclusion of Charlotte Flair in the main event of Wrestlemania in 2019.

Brock Lesnar reaches The Undertaker in a special record

In the last year, Brock Lesnar has returned in a truly bossy way to tread the rings of the McMahon company, grinding wins after victories, as only the Tribal Chief of Friday Night Smackdown has managed to do.

After his sensational return to the rings of the McMahon family in Summerslam, in the ppv of last summer, Brock Lesnar immediately set his eyes on the Universal title close to Roman Reigns, with the feud between the two that has been going on since then and which will culminate at Wrestlemania 38, where the two will stage a Champion vs Champion match, with a WINNER TAKES ALL.

After also winning the Elimination Chamber of the eponymous Arabian WWE ppv, Brock Lesnar then graduated once again WWE Champion, after reigning from Day One at the Royal Rumble, with Bobby Lashley interrupting his short reign only thanks to the attack behind organized by Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns in that of the Big Four in January.

Thanks to the victory in the Chamber, however, Brock Lesnar has managed to indelibly engrave his name once again in the history of WWE, re-entering a fairly restricted list of characters, who have won some particular contests in the same calendar year.

Thanks to the Twitter user, Adam O'Driscoll, we come to notice a particular list of athletes who would have won some very important WWE contests, in the same calendar year, to which of course the name of Brock Lesnar was also added.

after last Saturday's triumph. We are talking about the athletes who in the same year managed to win the Royal Rumble, the Elimination Chamber match and also took part in the Wrestlemania main event, all in the exact same stint of the same year.

Lesnar then joins the names of: Roman Reigns, The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Bianca Belair and Drew McIntyre. In fact, in the entire history of WWE, only 8 characters have succeeded in this feat, with Lesnar's palmares continuing to expand more and more, after the sensational interruption of the Deadman's Streak at Wrestlemania 30, which gave the way to all these records and firsts that Lesnar wanted to share with very few of his colleagues.