Hulk Hogan: "I would like to be remembered as the greatest ever"

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Hulk Hogan: "I would like to be remembered as the greatest ever"

Hulk Hogan is undoubtedly one of the most popular superstars of all time. In addition to being a twelve-time world champion, the Augusta legend once held the WWE Tag Team Championship paired with Edge. He also won the Royal Rumble match in 1990-1991, becoming the first wrestler in history to win the royal brawl for two consecutive editions.

Hogan holds the record for being world champion for multiple single years in a row and is the second-ever performer by overall number of days as WWE Champion (behind only Bruno Sammartino). The two-time Hall of Famer was also an icon of WrestleMania, the most important event on the WWE calendar.

In the latest edition of the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, the Hulk talked about the huge impact he has had on this business. "In 50 years, no one will remember my feuds with Chris Jericho or The Rock. People will mention my name because I was the greatest wrestler ever.

I've been on TV for too long. I wanted to leave an unforgettable legacy and I paid the price for this choice. In any case, I do not regret anything. I have had special moments and radically changed wrestling, as well as helping many people.

I've probably done it for too long, but I enjoyed it so much." Despite his countless accolades, the Hulk has often been criticized for his fighting style. Al Snow spoke on the subject: "What people don't understand is that Hulk Hogan, in his golden age, transcended wrestling.

Fans weren't paying for the ticket to see him fight, they paid for him to be Hulk Hogan. They are two totally different things. The same goes for Stone Cold Steve Austin. Both he and Hulk Hogan have contributed to increasing the popularity of wrestling around the world, he must be acknowledged."

What future for Alexa Bliss?

In the latest edition of Legion of RAW on Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo spoke at length about the moment he is experiencing Alexa Bliss. He said: "WWE handled Alexa Bliss in a really weird way.

When she came back, they involved her in those bizarre therapy sessions, and then put her in the Elimination Chamber match almost when the time was up. We haven't seen it since. There is certainly something we don't know.

A doubt has arisen in the last few days. At the beginning of her career, she had a hard time fighting due to numerous concussions. I wonder if this problem hasn't started to hinder her again. " Russo was asked about Jeff Hardy's future: "I don't want to sound cynical, but I hope his career is over.

He has a lot of money, a beautiful family and it's time to take care of his health. These guys love to perform in big arenas, but you have to understand when is the right time to say enough is enough. I wasn't like that.

I didn't feel the obsessive need to go back to being a writer. Jeff had to live with excruciating back pain for years and years. This injury heavily affected his life." Alexa Bliss made her return to Raw earlier this year, with WWE having decided to air segments of her in therapy.

These sessions served to help the five-time WWE champion overcome Lilly's loss and prepare to return to the ring. Her last official match dates back to Elimination Chamber, which this year was staged in Saudi Arabia. Last week, Alexa wanted to thank the fans for the support they've shown her over the past few months.

As she misses her date with WrestleMania 38 less and less, one wonders what the company's plans are for Bliss. The Showcase of the Immortals will take place in about three weeks at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.