Brock Lesnar: "Johnny Knoxville pulled my door down at the Royal Rumble"

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Brock Lesnar: "Johnny Knoxville pulled my door down at the Royal Rumble"

WWE's first huge PPV of 2022 has already gone to the archives, with the first Big Four of the year, the Royal Rumble, which has already brought millions of dollars into the coffers of the McMahon federation. In that of the Rumble, we have seen numerous news and numerous twists, such as the victory of the royal fight by the former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, who was the victim of a betrayal at the beginning of the show, when Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns had decided to team up again, putting an end to his brief reign, which began on Day One, just a few weeks earlier.

Obviously, after winning the men's royal brawl, Lesnar immediately challenged the Tribal Chief to a title match for the Universal Championship at Wrestlemania 38, with the titled shot won at the Rumble, which was thus decided in a flash by the multiple world champion of the federation.

During the Rumble, however, or rather before the airing of the WWE ppv that opens the Road to Wrestlemania, there would have been hilarious scenes in the hotel where the WWE crew was staying for the event in St Louis, with Lesnar made the protagonist of some events in a hotel and restaurant that have already traveled around the world.

In his interview with the microphones of the Pat McAfee Show, The Beast Incarnate wanted to explain the video that went viral just before the airing of the Rumble by WWE, where the same wrestler was seen launching one of the protagonists of the Jackass crew, that is Wee Man, on the table in the hotel bar where they were staying.

Regarding this matter, Lesnar recounted everything, saying: "Nothing was arranged. I flew into town for the Royal Rumble and took my private room. In the evening I went to the hotel restaurant for dinner - obviously I passed by people, was stopped here and there, to be able to find my place to eat my steak.

My friends at one point tell me 'There's the Jackass crew out there' and then I say 'Really? Let's go out there with them. 'So I send the waiter out and send them a bottle of wine. Well, the thing I know after this is Knoxville smashed my bedroom door, took my goddamn door down.

He broke the door to my private room. So I went out - and all the while they were setting fire to the restaurant - but I didn't know anything about it at the time. I go back and find myself Wee Man standing in front of me and starting to tease me a little I lift him up and say 'Right here on the table, I'll bang you right here' None of this was a promo, nothing was planned or planned . It was just a fun and good thing for business."

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