Brock Lesnar: “I got a lot of money from Dana, but I should’ve gotten paid more"

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Brock Lesnar: “I got a lot of money from Dana, but I should’ve gotten paid more"

Although it has been a long time since he had no contact with MMA, Brock Lesnar's name is still closely associated with it, especially in memory of the UFC and the days when promotion was built and became what it is today.

There’s no doubt that Brock is one of the biggest stars the UFC has ever had. According to the interest of American fans in his performances, we can even say that only Conor McGregor surpassed him. His story is actually unique, as he got a chance at the UFC after just one professional fight.

In that fight, he was defeated by Frank Mir and it seemed that there would be nothing from his MMA career. Still, the UFC felt the situation well, they gave him a new chance, and after just one win and an attack on the title, which he won.

What that start looked like, 44-year-old Brock recalled today during a guest appearance on the Pat McAfee show. "I was very angry with myself after the defeat in the first fight. I built something, and then it also became what people disparage you about and say you can't do something." "I actually love those people and it was something that caused tingling.

I had a contract for one fight and I begged them to give me another chance. Boom, it came. I beat Heath Herring and then Randy Couture and won the belt," Brock recalled. The fact that he got a chance to attack the title with a 2-1 professional ratio and a 1-1 UFC ratio still sounds incredible today, many will say unfairly.

But the UFC made a top-notch business move that way. The heavyweight category, which in a way should be the bearer of the sport, was in very poor shape.

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There weren’t enough fighters, and most of them weren’t even interesting.

Lesnar fundamentally changed all that and became the one that fans want to watch. Of course, the fact that he was already a superstar of professional wrestling also played an important role. Brock already had a $ 250,000 honorarium on his first contract with the UFC in addition to $ 200 to win.

Later, it rose to 400 and then to 450, to earn two and a half million for his return performance, in 2016 at the UFC 200 event. That doesn’t include the percentage of PPV sales, which it certainly was, as Brock was the first man to reach the figure of one million transmissions sold.

"Dana White is a good guy. I got a lot of money from him. Although, I probably should have earned even more," Brock couldn't help but look back at the very current topic again. "I don't watch the fight anymore because there are just too many fighters, it's too hard to follow.

I wish Dana had arranged it a little differently." "He needs to stand behind someone, maybe protect him for a while, so that he becomes their recognizable name. But he's in a business where he has to offer great fights every week and it's hard work, it's not easy to stay on top," he finished his MMA story.