Killer Kross: "What a leader Triple H!"


Killer Kross: "What a leader Triple H!"

In an interview with SHAK Wrestling, Killer Kross talked about his experience in WWE and specifically NXT under the name of Karrion Kross. Unlike his main roster adventure, Killer Kross had more success on the WWE minor show, winning the NXT title twice and keeping a consistent character throughout his adventure.

On NXT: "My experience at NXT was very collaborative. They asked me how I felt about something and I could propose an idea to them. Then we met and figured out which way to go. For example, we had Code Orange play live on my first NXT Takeover when I wrestled with Tommaso Ciampa.

I thought it was cool with the presentation we were doing if I went into the ring with some kind of mask. Because Code Orange perform in a particular style. I had a creepy dress. I was about to go into the ring in the leather jacket and a mask and it was right after that Code Orange had moved on.

Hunter saw it and said 'I appreciate your level of creativity. However, it's not a good idea to put the mask on because people are still getting to know your face. If we want to do great things, people need to know who you are in the best moments.

And he explained all the pros and cons of it to me. And so he wasn't mad he just gave me some advice and I was just like telling him 'you're absolutely right." About Triple H and Shawn Michaels he added: "Triple H to me is an incredible leader.

He is not someone who has ever had to raise his voice. He is not one who has to be angry to be heard. He was an extraordinary person. You know that if you work with him you are focused on every single thing you are working on. He always behaved well.

He never told you what you wanted to hear, he always told you what you needed to hear. He has inspired many people to be better and better. I can tell you without naming anyone, I can tell you for sure, as much as people wanted to perform in this industry for the fans, they also wanted to fight and give their best for Hunter and Shawn."

Goldberg does not want to retire from WWE

Despite advancing in age, Goldberg has received several WWE titled chances in recent years.

Da Man's attitude both in and out of the WWE ring has often made his colleagues or WWE Universe fans turn up their noses, but his enormous impact on this business, past and present, is undeniable. The former WCW star played his last match at Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia, where he had one of the best performances of his entire career.

Goldberg in fact beat former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley leaving fans and insiders stunned, after churning out a performance that we hardly see an athlete over 50 do. During his professional career, the 55-year-old from Tulsa scored 313 wins out of 365 matches, taking away the satisfaction of remaining undefeated for 456 consecutive days.

In that time frame, he won 155 matches in a row, although WCW has 173 matches. In his latest interview with the microphones of the documentary Goldberg at 54, entirely dedicated to the life and above all to the career of McMahon's WWE Hall of Famer, Da Man wanted to state: "I genuinely appreciate every single human being that I have met as a fan in my career because it means that I have really done something good in my path.

People see me as a mythological character. When I'm in the ring, every time I walk into a show, full of people, no matter how old I am. Only the desire you have is authentic, your diligence at work. I never imagined not having this opportunity.

I never imagined it would be taken away from me the desire to go out there and do what I do, since I am at the top. So things change people and everything changes from person to person and situations change too. I may be 54, but I still intend to move on, as I still continue to learn about this business and I will always continue to do so, as long as I have something to offer, you know, until then I will be a part of this."

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