Goldberg does not want to retire from WWE

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Goldberg does not want to retire from WWE
Goldberg does not want to retire from WWE (Provided by Sport World News)

Despite advancing in age, Goldberg has received several WWE titled chances in recent years. Da Man's attitude both in and out of the WWE ring has often made his colleagues or WWE Universe fans turn up their noses, but his enormous impact on this business, past and present, is undeniable.

The former WCW star played his last match at Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia, where he had one of the best performances of his entire career. Goldberg in fact beat former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley leaving fans and insiders stunned, after churning out a performance that we hardly see an athlete over 50 do.

During his professional career, the 55-year-old from Tulsa scored 313 wins out of 365 matches, taking away the satisfaction of remaining undefeated for 456 consecutive days. In that time frame, he won 155 matches in a row, although WCW has 173 matches.

In his latest interview with the microphones of the documentary Goldberg at 54, entirely dedicated to the life and above all to the career of McMahon's WWE Hall of Famer, Da Man wanted to state: "I genuinely appreciate every single human being that I have met as a fan in my career because it means that I have really done something good in my path.

People see me as a mythological character. When I'm in the ring, every time I walk into a show, full of people, no matter how old I am. Only the desire you have is authentic, your diligence at work. I never imagined not having this opportunity.

I never imagined it would be taken away from me the desire to go out there and do what I do, since I am at the top. So things change people and everything changes from person to person and situations change too. I may be 54, but I still intend to move on, as I still continue to learn about this business and I will always continue to do so, as long as I have something to offer, you know, until then I will be a part of this."

Stone Cold: "Not having confronted Brock Lesnar is my regret"

One of the universally known characters in the world of pro-wrestling around the globe, certainly for his past in the Attitude Era of the then WWF McMahon, is certainly Stone Cold Steve Austin, multiple champion of the Stamford company, who for years together with many other great stars of the business he has pulled the entire world of the discipline.

Known and majestic was his feud with the Chairman of the WWE himself, Vince Mcmahon, with the two who have carried on their battle for years, giving them a good reason even in the hospital, in the most unthinkable skits, with the WWE Hall of Famer who also drove a Zamboni to the ice rinks, to get to the WWE ring or a beer truck, to literally water Vince McMahon and his crew when they were feuding.

In the early 2000s, however, there was a deep rift between Steve Austin himself and WWE, with the fighter preferring to step away from the company, refusing to lose a match to Brock Lesnar, with the athlete just starting out.

of his career, but already launched in the main event by the same patron of the company. In his latest flash question and answer session with WWE Universe fans, the well-known Hall of Famer of the Stamford company wanted to answer several questions about his extraordinary career, with some questions that also focused on the delicate part of his career.

from Austin. Regarding his biggest career regret, Steve said: "I was totally upset about that match. I never liked kicking ass, but guys like me, like Hogan, and a few others, don't grow on trees. So I should have accepted after all the sacrifices they had made to make me grow and build me? And then without construction? But in the end I realized that that was a totally stupid and stubborn part of me.

I should have introduced myself and this is my biggest regret in the whole pro-wrestling business." In the juncture told by Steve Austin, Vince McMahon had decided that Brock Lesnar should have beaten Steve Austin, in the return of the King of the Ring, with the current Hall of Famer who instead denied the appearance, going home and resigning, a bit like CM Punk did only several years later.