Even Shane McMahon and Asuka at the Royal Rumble 2022!


Even Shane McMahon and Asuka at the Royal Rumble 2022!

In the last few days we have done nothing but bring you many names of wrestlers and more who could return to WWE to participate in Saturday's premium live event, the Royal Rumble 2022. In fact, yesterday we let you know that in the male Rumble there will probably be the singer Bad Bunny, not at all unknown to the WWE Universe, which is added to Johnny Knoxville as a famous person not in the world of wrestling.

In addition, perhaps Shane McMahon will also be present. While for the women's one we have given you several names, such as those of the two former tag team champions Asuka, who has been out injured since July and Kairi Sane, who has her contract with the company expiring in February and has moved to Japan.

But the most sensational name was certainly that of Ronda Rousey. According to our colleagues at the wrestling news site PWInsider, who have been very active lately in giving out news and some possible spoilers on the Royal Rumble, three women are expected to return to the company precisely for the event.

The names that have been made, which have already been circulating on the web for some time are that of Melina, who we currently remember being under contract with the NWA, so it would be another broken forbidden door and Cameron, former tag team partner of Naomi and recently appeared in AEW for a Women's Tag Team Tournament.

But there is also a new name, that of Aksana, who hasn't done much in wrestling since her release from WWE back in 2014 by now. Perhaps it would be better to keep certain returns really secret, so as not to spoil the surprise for the fans, because the surprise effect is what makes the Royal Rumble, whether male or female, magical.

Obviously, however, as always, we invite you to take these spoilers with due precautions because it does not mean that they are true, but maybe there is a grain of truth, so let's wait to see what happens tomorrow.

Will Paige be in Royal Rumble 2022?

In recent weeks, there has been talk of Royal Rumble 2022 and possible names of former WWE athletes who may return tonight, in both of the Stamford company royal fights.

As it should be, WWE begins immediately, from the beginning of the year, to create the best storylines in view of its Road to Wrestlemania, with all possible names that are immediately associated with the two Royal Rumble, the male and the feminine, with Stamford's company using high profile names, not denying or confirming anything, trying to create as much hype as possible in its fans.

Remaining silent, except for some rare official announcement, such as the one arrived this year, with which the WWE wanted to confirm how Mickie James, Michelle McCool, Lita and several other former athletes of the company will take part in the real female fight, the WWE therefore succeeds to keep everyone on their toes, with several huge surprises that still remain in total silence until the airing of the ppv.

To date, several names have been associated with WWE Rumble, such as that of Melina, that of Ronda Rousey, that of Shane McMahon and many others and other former champions of the Stamford company. Apparently, according to what was confirmed by the well-known site Wrestling News, whose editorial team spoke with some internal sources of the Stamford company, also the former WWE champion, Paige, retired a few years ago for a neck injury that could affect her.

The Movements, if she continued to fight, would be declared able to fight back by the company's medical staff just ahead of tonight's Big Four. At the moment, of course, no official source of the company wanted to confirm this, as it should be, but the journalists of the well-known site give for certain her surprise appearance tonight, together with that of the various Ronda Rousey, Cameron, Asuka, Shane McMahon and many others.

After leaving active wrestling in 2017, Paige has always remained on the crest of the wave with WWE, first managing the Kabuki Warriors and then even General Manager in WWE. In all the releases the company she has made over the past few months, Paige has never been matched with any firing, nor has it ever seemed that WWE could do without her at any point. We just have to wait for the PPV of tonight, to understand if even these rumors will prove to be true or not.

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