Michelle McCool is training hard with The Undertaker

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Michelle McCool is training hard with The Undertaker

Former WWE superstar Michelle McCool was recently announced as a participant in the Women’s Royal Rumble 2022 match. The two-time Women's Champion spoke about how she is preparing for the occasion. In fact, she interviewed on WWE The Bump yesterday, she said: "There was a lot of training.

It was nice to put my husband [The Undertaker ed] on the train of 'you have to come with me to train whether you like it or not' because it's usually the other way around. So there was a lot of training and a lot of discipline.

I got older so things didn't get easy. But luckily I am ready, so I don't have to prepare too much. " Michelle also said that training for a match is a unique experience and no amount of training outside the ring can prepare a person for what happens once the bell rings.

"You know, you can ask anyone. Training in the ring is unlike anything else. I mean, you can do all the cardio you want, you can do all the strength training you want. You can hit all the things you want, but once you go out you have all that adrenaline and you have all the girls and it's a completely different game.

" Interviewed by Busted Open Radio, the former Divas champion revealed her dream match of hers in WWE: “There are several girls I have never fought with. You know, the main names that everyone says, Becky, Charlotte.

But I love Naomi every time she gets in the ring. She is so damn athletic, and so is Bianca Belair. I've never worked with them. So, I can't wait to have this chance. " In addition, he also launched a challenge to Charlotte Flair who will be right in the Royal Rumble match: "I would like to do some caciara with Charlotte because, whether she knows it or not, I have an unfinished business with her, because every time she is on TV, my two-year-old goes up front 'mom, mom,' and I'm like, 'it's not mom.

Mom is right here.' She plays a queen. I'm the queen."

Mustafa Ali: "I ask for my release from WWE"

WWE fans didn't get a breather in 2021, when most of their favorite wrestlers were fired from the company in a series of release rounds that spread throughout the year.

The last one, a few days before the end of 2021, had Toni Storm as the protagonist, even if she was the same winner of the Mae Young Classic to ask for her release for personal reasons. To get the year off to a good start, another fighter on the SmackDown roster just asked WWE to terminate their contract.

This is Mustafa Ali, who with a press release on his social accounts broke the news to his fans: "I have a much more important message than my dreams in pro wrestling. Despite my best efforts, I won't be able to get this message across as long as I'm working with WWE.

For this, I ask to be released by WWE. " Mustafa Ali's farewell message comes after a long period of inactivity for him: his last match dates back to the October 29 episode of SmackDown, when he lost to Drew McIntyre for the occasion.

It seems that Ali himself had asked the company for a break to accommodate the birth of his third child, but it was reported that the booking team had no plans for his return. Immediately following the news launched by Mustafa Ali, Fightful's Sean Ross Sapp reported that during the past few months Ali would not be on paternity, but that he would only be asking for a show off.

It should be noted that, at the moment, WWE has not yet published any announcement on the situation of Mustafa Ali, who is still under contract with the Stamford company. We will keep you updated as soon as further details on the affair emerge.