Amazing RUMORS for Wrestlemania 2022!

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Amazing RUMORS for Wrestlemania 2022!

The year 2022 began with a colossal problem for WWE, forced to overturn its plans in the short, medium and long term a couple of hours after the dispute of the first ppv of the year. The company had to deal with the fact that Roman Reigns would not be able to fight on Day 1, with the consequence that the Tribal Chief remained Universal Champion by not facing Brock Lesnar, while the latter was the WWE Champion.

joining the contest for the other overall title on the main roster. Still, it looks like things will be back on their feet by the end of the month. While speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer indicated that the plan for WrestleMania was for Brock Lesnar to defend his Universal Championship (won on Day 1) against Roman Reigns.

The expert reporter, however, stated that the path to WrestleMania has changed, but eventually WWE will find a way to fulfill its previous plans. Meltzer has in fact reported that, according to what a source told him, WWE will return to the original project over the course of the weeks, with Lesnar actually facing Roman Reigns as champion.

This could mean, as explained by the head of the 'Wrestling Observer', that Lesnar will keep the title of WWE champion after beating Bobby Lashley at the Royal Rumble, and Reigns will hand the Universal Champion belt to Seth Rollins.

All of this would also fix another problem that arose after Day 1. As stated by several American sources, Rollins was initially supposed to win the WWE Championship on the first night of the year, and then defend it at WrestleMania.

If Reigns now loses to Rollins, then WWE will go back in the direction he wanted, but with the titles traded between Raw and SmackDown. And precisely this was discussed on the 'Wrestling Observer Radio' Meltzer said: "The plan for Day 1 was that Seth would be the WWE Champion at the end of the show, and Lesnar would be the Universal Champion at the end of the show.

So Lesnar is now the WWE Champion, so I wonder if they will go ahead as originally planned. Seth would defend the title on one of the WrestleMania nights, then Lesnar and Roman would be opponents for the other title on the other WrestleMania night."

And here comes the crux of the story: "I was told that things will turn out as they were supposed to. So I wonder if this means that they will change the belts, and therefore the title of Universal Champion will end on Raw with Seth and the WWE champion belt, which Roman will most likely win, will be defended at SmackDown.

And that also means Brock would then return primarily to SmackDown." A complicated situation, the result of the problems of Day 1: "I think this was not the original plan, but perhaps the best way to recalibrate everything.

This is because Roman lost the pay-per-view and they decided to go with Brock, to get him to win the other title. In this way Brock won the only title defended on the show. I can't say 100% that Brock would have won the other title, beating Reigns.

But, by the way, I mean that I'm pretty sure. Seth on the other hand know 100% that he was expected to be the winner of the WWE Championship." But the whole thing, if Meltzer was right, wouldn't matter now. If Raw and SmackDown were to swap titles, then Seth Rollins will defend the WWE Universal Championship at WrestleMania, likely against Lashley and / or Big E, while Brock Lesnar will defend the WWE Championship against Reigns.

This would explain why (aside from Drew McIntyre's injury) Rollins was chosen to take on Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble.