Were NXT layoffs personal hits towards Triple H?

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Were NXT layoffs personal hits towards Triple H?

In the night, as we reported in one of the first news of the day on our newsboard, WWE wanted to go and fire numerous NXT workers, professionals and wrestlers, putting an end to numerous contracts that had been going on for years, such as that of Road Dogg, William Regal and several other leading NXT executives and road agents.

After the hundreds of releases that took place between 2020 and 2021, 2022 also opens in the name of budget cuts for the WWE, with the most close-knit part of the staff in recent years with Triple H of the third roster of the federation that it was completely eliminated overnight, giving space to new personalities and new ideas at NXT.

While the radical change that took place in the backstage of the WWE color show has not gone down for many, many others have not yet understood the reason that is pushing WWE to so drastically modify its rosters and its backstage gararchies, with some web wrestling insiders who seem to want to meet us.

In one of the latest news reported on the well-known overseas site, Ringside News, we are in fact confirmed that some sources within the Stamford company have confirmed that all the releases of this night were a move to attack the WWE COO, with the upper floors who wanted to send a loud and clear message to Hunter.
According to some internal sources who obviously want to remain anonymous, the thing "seems to be personal to Triple H because in reality it is" And again "it sounds like a conspiracy theory, but they were all Triple H men, specifically Triple H trusted people and it was all intentional" From Road Dogg to William Regal, to the segment where Bron Breakker destroyed the old black and gold NXT logo, it all seemed to go against the WWE Triple, in a situation similar to the throne destroyed by Cody Rhodes with the Sledgehammer, but all magnified and even more direct.

The last trusty Triple H athletes and insiders left at NXT are now Shawn Michaels and Samoa Joe alone, with the two remaining steadfast at their stations for the time being following yesterday's releases.

Kurt Angle: "I felt terrible when I injured Bob Holly"

Kurt Angle was world wrestling champion in 1995, in the heavyweight category, before taking the gold medal at the Atlanta Olympics the following year (in the same specialty).

The 53-year-old from Mount Lebanon was inducted into both the TNA Hall of Fame and the WWE Hall of Fame and is recognized by many as the most technical wrestler of any era. In 2010, he was elected by the Wrestling Observer as the best performer of the 21st century.

Although his career has been full of successes, Kurt Angle also had to manage some tough times. In the latest edition of his now famous podcast, the former WWE world champion recounted how he accidentally injured Hardcore Holly during a match.

The WWE Hall of Famer did the moonsault wrong by fracturing poor Holly's arm. He said: "I felt terrible after that incident and went to the hospital with him. After that, I took him to his hotel and monitored him for the next three or four weeks to make sure he was okay.

I was truly broken for doing him such serious damage. Injuring another athlete also means taking away the possibility of making money. Bob Holly had to pit for three or four months, if I remember correctly. He lost a lot of money that year and it was all my fault.

I've always had a great respect for Bob, that's why I took care of him." In recent years, Kurt has turned down several offers from All Elite Wrestling. "They offered me different roles, but I turned them down.

I'm a WWE symbol and it didn't feel right to go to a rival company. I will remain loyal to Vince McMahon until the end of my days. For the rest, it cannot be denied that AEW has hired some incredible athletes in the past few months. At the helm is Chris Jericho, who is one of the best performers in the world. They have created a remarkable roster.