Braun Strowman prises Marvel's Loki!

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Braun Strowman prises Marvel's Loki!

One of the names of the many released this 2021 by the WWE that caused the most sensation online and among the insiders, was certainly that of Braun Strowman, giant athlete of the McMahon family rings, who in the last year had managed to also triumph in one of the editions of Wrestlemania, number 36, where he had managed to beat Bill Goldberg, becoming a WWE world champion for the first time in his life, winning the Universal Championship.

After a stratospheric year, with high-caliber feuds against Roman Reigns, the evil The Fiend and many other top-level athletes, Strowman declined, just like Bray Wyatt, with WWE always ousting them. more from the federation's card that counts, up to releasing them, amidst the incredulous comments of WWE Universe fans, who could not in the least imagine such a moment would ever come this year, despite the pandemic.

Over the years, the WWE Monster Among Men has accustomed us to change our look several times, from the notable physical change, with which Strowman has lost a lot of fat to put on a lot of lean instead, becoming much more slender, massive and defined, right down to the cut of the long hair she had in the Wyatt Family.

Before leaving WWE, in fact, Strowman was much thinner than his debut, completely shaved and with a very long beard. Right from the start, after his dismissal, Braun however wanted to make some changes to his physique, immediately showing two nipple piercings and a shortened beard noticeable.

In the last photo posted by the same athlete during an autograph session, however, the beard turns out to be of a color quite unusual for the athlete, a blond never seen on his face, which made his fans squint, even for the alligator Strowman was holding.

Roman Reigns also absent from the last live event

In the last few days there has been a lot of turmoil within WWE, after a major internal outbreak broke out in the backstage of the company, infecting several insiders and several of the company wrestlers, putting a strain on the federation's shows and their staging, with the cards of all the tapings and live events that were upset from start to finish due to the numerous defections that arrived.

The last only in chronological order to have been excluded from the company's event cards as a precaution or because affected by covid, by their own admission, are also very important characters of Raw and Smackdown, such as Seth Rollns and his wife Becky Lynch or Friday Night Smackdown Universal Champion Roman Reigns.

The latter had already missed a live event last weekend, with fans who had begun to worry about his situation, especially given the post-leukemia conditions of the champion of the blue show. If all this weren't enough to cause anxiety to the fans of the company and to the colleagues of Reigns, the Universal champion also missed the last live event held by the company of McMahon, which aired last night, with the crew of Monday Night Raw.

that he should have staged his weekly tapings, while the Smackdown crew should have staged a live event from Orlando. In the end the show was held regularly, but there was no trace of Roman Reigns and his Universal title, with the Usos cousins ​​who at the beginning of the show confirmed to fans that the Tribal Chief would not have been present at the event for causes.

of force majeure. At the moment we do not know why Reigns was absent for so long, if the athlete is continuing his break that began before Christmas or if he tested positive for covid or if instead by mutual agreement with the WWE, the champion.

Universale preferred to leave the crew momentarily in order not to risk anything. We will see in the next episode of the blue show, or the one that precedes Day One, if Reigns will be present at Smackdown or not and then we will understand the seriousness of the thing, if Reigns has been ousted for an important reason or not from these live events.