Incredible at SmackDown: Alexa Bliss goes into a trance

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Incredible at SmackDown: Alexa Bliss goes into a trance

In the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, new developments have emerged regarding Alexa Bliss's condition. Last week Alexa Bliss suddenly hit her longtime partner Nikki Cross with a Sister Abigail and the two during this week's blue show had a confrontation about it during "A Moment of Bliss"

What happened on SmackDown to Alexa Bliss

At the beginning of the transmission Alexa asked some questions in some cases almost "provoking" an increasingly annoyed Nikki Cross.

At the same time, at some point the latter asked the reason for the attack last week and Alexa still does not know how to motivate her actions, even stating that she did not realize it. After an intervention by Lacey Evans, today's match saw Lacey face Nikki Cross and in the end it is the latter who triumphs thanks to a Tornado DDT on today's opponent.

At the end of the match, however, an unexpected thing happens that has left most of the insiders speechless: at the comment table, Bliss applauded the result of the match and an angry Evans went to ringside threatening and insulting her.

At one point, almost unknowingly, Lacey Evans mentioned the name of The Fiend and Alexa Bliss WAS IN TRANCE! The wrestler started to move just like a person in a trance, she went towards the opponent and attacked her with Sister Abigail!

New Sister Abigail of the wrestler who now seems in a close relationship with Bray Wyatt The Fiend! After hitting in this way surprising everyone and even Lacey Evans, Bliss left the ring always under a catatonic state. The Goddess of WWE spoke to PWInsider's microphones recently stating that she appreciates her new role on SmackDown.

Here are his words: "I love everything that is different and out of the box. I like what we are trying to do with The Fiend, everyone knows that with a microphone in hand I can give the best for my character and the fact of being able to try something new is having a lot of fun and I'm excited, I'm curious to see how this story will turn out."

Meanwhile a preview for tomorrow: a sudden post, with no clue that would suggest such a decision in the last few weeks or even in the previous stages of his career. Yet the image published on Instagram, as surprising as it is, seems to leave little room for doubt: after so many years in the ring always wearing her mask, a SmackDown Superstar seems about to change his appearance in a radical way.

Or at least his way of presenting himself to the public. He's... you will read who he his in the article of tomorrow night!