SmackDown superstar announces farewell to the mask after years?

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SmackDown superstar announces farewell to the mask after years?

A sudden post, with no clue that would suggest such a decision in the last few weeks or even in the previous stages of his career. Yet the image published on Instagram, as surprising as it is, seems to leave little room for doubt: after so many years in the ring always wearing her mask, a SmackDown Superstar seems about to change his appearance in a radical way.

Or at least his way of presenting himself to the public. This is Lince Dorado, one of the staples of the Lucha House Party, and who ever since he took his first steps in WWE in the Cruiserweight Classic has always covered his face, as the tradition of the Mexican Luchadores dictates.

And his choice fell, in fact, on a mask that reproduces the features of a lynx. With this he first distinguished himself at 205 Live, and then moved to the main roster and attempted the assault on the couple titles several times, always in vain.

Until the recent belt challenges held at SmackDown by Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura. Which could have led him to this unexpected novelty, underlined by the post on Instagram complete with the very clear "Goodbye":


Un post condiviso da Lince Dorado (@lince_dorado) in data:

Lince Dorado without a mask: that's what could be behind it

Lince Dorado's post took by surprise the same insiders in America, who were not aware of a possible repackaging in sight for Lince Dorado, nor of his possible turn heel or change of character.

And yet this seems to be his destiny, especially after a social post like this. Rumors of a possible separation of Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik from the most experienced member of the Lucha House Party, Kalisto, are not new.

But this could be precisely the direction taken without warning by the WWE for the Mexican alliance. It should be underlined that Lince Dorado himself took it out on the great attention his post received on Instagram. "Wow, there are so many people who have never commented or liked my profile.

You never would have done that if you hadn't seen something negative, shame on you! For the true supporters, so much love from me! For everyone else, goodbye and fan ** it!" A further message that seems to suggest a rather radical change of attitude on the part of Lince Dorado (who in everyday life is called José Cordero). Now all that remains is to wait for SmackDown to find out what's cooking.