Vince Russo: "I'll explain how I would manage the return of Alexa Bliss"

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Vince Russo: "I'll explain how I would manage the return of Alexa Bliss"

Alexa Bliss hasn't set foot in the ring since she unsuccessfully challenged Charlotte Flair for the Raw Women's Championship at Extreme Rules last September. It is not known exactly when the five-time women's champion plans to return to WWE.

During her career at Stamford, the 30-year-old from Columbus has held the Raw Women 's Championship three times, the SmackDown Women' s Championship twice, and the Women Tag Team Championship twice alongside Nikki Cross.

She has also won the 2018 edition of the Money in the Bank ladder match. In a long conversation on Sportskeeda's microphones, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo explained how he would handle Alexa's imminent return.

Russo said: "Alexa Bliss has changed her character at least four times in the last few years, which has made her lose credibility in the eyes of the WWE Universe. With which character will she return to the scene? This is the question that everyone is asking.

If I worked on the WWE creative team, I would call her and listen to her ideas. The exchange of views is vital in the world of wrestling, because she helps you to engage the athletes and to write captivating stories."

Russo is not very optimistic about it: "First we had the story with Nikki Cross, then there was the alliance with Bray Wyatt and finally the talk show. God only knows what they're going to make her do now. There is no doubt that this girl no longer has the same credibility as in the beginning.

It's a real shame, since I consider Alexa a great performer. My fear is that she will return to WWE without saying a word. She will return with a totally different character, but without any transition. It's like she's telling fans to forget everything they've seen before.

WWE executives believe people are stupid." According to reports from PWInsider, Alexa Bliss would have been out all this time due to a delicate sinus operation.

"The Undertaker got a lot of people fired," said...

One of the most important and best known characters of the entire world pro-wrestling scene, responds to the name of The Undertaker, sacred monster of the discipline who for exactly 30 years worked in the rings of the McMahon company, until his complete retirement arrived in the '2020 edition of the Survivor Series, the same ppv in which it had debuted 3 decades earlier.

After leaving the wrestling world of wrestling, several great protagonists of the WWE and beyond, have sang the praises of the character staged for years by Mark Calaway, among athletes, colleagues, friends and fans who have always loved and idolized him, but with many former members of the WWE crew who lately have also accused the Deadman, who has always been respectful of everyone, but who in the past has had several differences with many in the federation locker room, as he was a very strong character even in the backstage.

In his latest interview with PTM's Vinny Vegas, the well-known wrestler of the old ECW, Sabu, also known for his past in the WWE rings of McMahon, wanted to shoot zero on The Undertaker and the many historical WWE athletes, considered too soft by the legendary extreme athlete.

Referring precisely to the Deadman, Sabu said: "I think it's okay to be a little rough and a little stiff and that should require some respect. I never loved wrestlers who were too light. The Undertaker, he was way too soft, you didn't even feel it.

If you were too stiff with him, he played the victim and got you fired. But if you are stiff with me, I do not get fired, I tell you to take it slower or I will answer you in the rhymes. The top guys in WWE, if you're too stiff, they'll do anything to get you fired."

According to the legendary ECW athlete, therefore, in WWE the unwritten rule would apply that you must never be stiff, under penalty of dismissal by express request of the top athletes of the federation.