Several WWE superstars have tested positive for the virus

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Several WWE superstars have tested positive for the virus

Just today we updated you on the Thunderdome issue, in fact Dave Meltzer went out of balance by saying that WWE could be forced to reuse it for a state of emergency, with the virus that just doesn't want to stop. This reporter's thesis unfortunately gains even more strength with a report from PWInsider, which said that many superstars from the Stamford-based company tested positive for COVID.

" has learned from multiple sources, that from this last weekend's loop of live events and TV tapings, a number of talent and staff were feeling exhausted and some later tested positive for COVID-19.

while others who felt sick are still waiting to have their test results back. " Unfortunately, even with all the variants of the virus and people who still persist in not wanting to get vaccinated or take the right precautions, it is difficult to get out of this situation to experience even this type of event.

Obviously we wish everyone to recover as soon as possible and without serious consequences. According to what Dave Meltzer always stated, to the microphones of one of the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletters, it would seem that the McMahon family uses a certain criterion to deal with the infected inside the wrestler crew.

"So, I'm 10 days out for WWE and AEW as well, but obviously you have to have a negative test before you can re-enter. This is what it was until recently and since no changes have been announced, it seems to be. still like this, but they do not speak publicly about this policy.

So, if there were any changes, we would not know them, but this was the practice of some time ago." Unfortunately, it has already happened to have victims of the visus in WWE, like Drew McIntyre, Charlotte Flair, Keith Lee and many other.

It is even easier to get something when you are in a closed place with so many people and you have to be very careful. We hope WWE can better manage the situation to protect everyone.

Vince Russo: "I hope Jeff Hardy's career is over"

Jeff Hardy was released from WWE last week after refusing to go to rehab to fix his known problems.

On December 4th, during a live event in Texas, Cameron’s 44-year-old left the ring in the middle of the match causing him to lose track of him. The three-time world champion has received a large number of messages in recent days, between those asking him to start a new adventure in AEW and those suggesting instead to take a break from wrestling.

The dream of many fans is to see the 'Charismatic Enigma' in All Elite Wrestling alongside his brother Matt, with the aim of perhaps challenging the Young Bucks. Jeff will not be able to enter the ring for a period of 90 days, after which he will be free to sign with other companies.

In a long interview with Sportskeeda, former WWE and WCW writer Vince Russo expressed his opinion of Jeff Hardy. Vince Russo said: "I do not want to sound cynical, but I hope that Jeff Hardy's career is over. He has a lot of money, a beautiful family and it's time to take care of his health.

These guys love to fight and perform in front of the public, but you need to have the intelligence to understand when is the right time to stop. I wasn't like that. I didn't feel the obsessive need to go back to being a writer."

Jeff has had to live with pain for most of his career. "I spoke to his former colleague Al Snow and he told me that Hardy had serious back problems. He suffered tremendously after every single match. Experiencing such intense and constant pain affects the rest of your life.

You have to perform the next day, but you can't sleep due to the pain. Doing all this for years and years has heavily influenced Jeff's life."