Austin Theory: "I want to end John Cena's career"

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Austin Theory: "I want to end John Cena's career"

One of the recent happy notes in WWE is undoubtedly the young wrestler Austin Theory, considered as one of the proteges of company chairman Vince McMahon. Austin Theory was drafted for Monday Night Raw and defeated former WWE Champion of the likes of Jeff Hardy, was involved in a match against current WWE Champion Big E and participated in the 5 vs 5 match between Team Raw and Team Smackdown defending the red brand.

During a recent interview with Alternative Sport Austin Theory talked about his relationship with John Cena and answered a curious question about the leader of the Chain's Gang. The two met when Austin Theory was at the Performance Center and several times the wrestler said: "When I signed my first deal with WWE I immediately went to the Performance Center.

I remember one day they told us that John Cena would come and he stayed talking to all of us, it was a really nice gesture for him." Theory was asked if he preferred to win the Tag Team title together with John Cena and against the current champions, composed of Randy Orton and Matt Riddle or if he preferred to challenge and win at Wrestlemania against John Cena, perhaps in the last match in the Show of the Immortals.
A hard-fought Austin Theory replied: "It's really hard to choose, both sounds like a pretty cool thing.

But I think from Austin Theory it would be incredible to win and retire a legend of the caliber of John Cena." Austin also talked about the recent titled chance given to him by Vince McMahon's company and commented: "It's hard to explain, you go from week to week and find yourself fighting a wrestler you grew up with like Jeff Hardy and then be part of Team Raw or stay in the same room with Vince McMahon.

No type of training prepares you for this and so I just think about living in the moment and I try to stay at this level, I don't want it to be just a moment."

How will the Brock Lesnar-Roman Reigns' feud go?

One of the biggest feuds that WWE is staging at the moment, in the Friday Night Smackdown rings, is that between the blue show's Universal champion, Roman Reigns and his current arch enemy, The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

Since his return to the rings of Summerslam 2021, where Lesnar had decided to make a comeback on the WWE square after more than a year of absence, the top name of the Stamford company had aimed at Roman Reigns and above all his world title, tight to his hips for over 400 days now.

After seeing them clash already at Crown Jewel, where the two put on a daring match, which however ended due to interference from the Usos and Paul Heyman, now WWE has launched a new match titled for Day One, the brand new ppv which will air for the first time in WWE history on January 1, 2022.

As revealed by Dave Meltzer in one of his latest Wrestling Observer newsletters, it seems WWE wants to carry on this feud for months to come, with the Day One match being simply a filler to continue the long feud between the two, which will surely go to the bitter end, up to the Royal Rumble and perhaps even up to Wrestlemania.

Regarding this situation, Meltzer in fact said: "Regarding Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar in the Day One main event, this is stipulated to be one of many matches in a multi-series and therefore will be one of the contests of this series."

At the moment Brock Lesnar is also advertised for the Royal Rumble, with the Day One match that should it end in a rip-off for the WWE Beast, would then lead to a new rematch against Reigns, right in the company's first Big Four of the year.

by McMahon. At the moment, the idea on the table of the WWE creative team is still to see Lesnar vs Reigns at Wrestlemania, with the Universal champion who if he arrives in Mania with the maximum level of the blue show still at his side, would set an absolute reign record. with the Universal title at its side, still never staged.