Kurt Angle, a former WWE wrestler found himself in the role of a businessman

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Kurt Angle, a former WWE wrestler found himself in the role of a businessman

Kurt Angle, a former WWE fighter, spoke to The Wrestling Icn Daily Podcast about his life after WWE and what he is currently doing and what his plans are for the future. "It's just pound the pavement, doing a lot of meetings, a lot of virtual meetings and doing endorsements, some movies that I've been talking to agencies and my manager [about], just getting into the acting industry and doing more with that.

My Physically Fit nutrition company, that's my first priority," Angle noted. "That's the reason why I didn't take the job at WWE because I wanted to work more on my supplement company and make sure it succeeds."

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Physical Fit company

He currently runs a Physical Fit company where he sells chicken snacks. He says that they are of great quality and that the work is going great for now "It's called Physically Fit nutrition.

We have chicken snacks, which is a kind of like a Chex Mix texture where we flavor them. They're made out of chicken. We also have a plant protein, but they're really good. They taste really good. They're very healthy, and I'm excited to see how this does.

We have a private label contract with Amazon. We're also selling them in stores and online, so it's going pretty well." He also talked about his experience when he was a referee at the Thatcher-Riddle match and says that it was a very nice experience.

"I thought it was cool. I think it was a great way for Matt to leave NXT and to give Thatcher a little bit of a rub, so it worked out well," Angle said. "It was a great match. I thought they did a great job for what they had.

I think that it was a win-win for everybody." Angle had an offer to manage Riddle but still did not decide to take such a step "Managing my Riddle, that was a few months ago. They offered me another job coaching," Angle disclosed.

"They also offered me a Legends deal. We weren't able to get a contract done, but I'm cool with WWE. We're in good terms. There's no bad blood. Every once in a while, they call me to use me for something. I did a couple appearances on TV in the last few months.

Today, they have me do an ad for one of their sponsors, so I did the ad for them. So they still reach out to me. I'm just not under contract, and I kind of like that."