Sasha Banks: "I couldn't believe Eddie Guerrero was dead"

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Sasha Banks: "I couldn't believe Eddie Guerrero was dead"

Sasha Banks has never denied that she is a huge fan of Eddie Guerrero, in fact she is his favorite wrestler and she often dedicates moves in the ring to him, such as the Frog Splash or the Three Amigos, but also attracts him.

Unfortunately, on November 13, 2005, the Latino Heat left us due to a heart attack in his hotel room at the age of 38-year-old and shortly after, that same evening, WWE filmed the next episodes of Raw and SmackDown, which obviously they have become a tribute show to the athlete.

Interviewed by Ariel Halwani, Sasha told of having been to one of these shows without even knowing that her favorite wrestler was dead: "I was there and it's a bit crazy how the universe works and how it happened in Minneapolis where I was living at that time.

I was so excited to go to that show. All I wanted to do was show Eddie Guerrero my billboard. I was just thinking: Oh my God, I hope Eddie sees my billboard. I won second row tickets that night doing autograph session with Ashley Massaro, and I remember going to the arena and seeing all these billboards.

that says: Rest in Peace, Eddie Guerrero. I was so confused. I was like: Well, maybe Minneapolis doesn't like Eddie because he was advertised as Eddie Guerrero vs. Undertaker, and I thought everyone loved The Undertaker vs Batista.

A fan came up to me and told me that Eddie Guerrero had died that night and everything inside of me broke. I couldn't believe my hero was dead." She then went on to say: "I was crying like a baby. I was in my mother's arms crying.

I couldn't believe it, but I thought, 'Wow, I have to watch [the show]. I'm here for Eddie." It's a sad story when we think that Sasha was really one step away from meeting the man who changed her life, but we're sure that wherever Eddie is of her, he is really proud of this girl who is making history in the ring.

Sasha Banks: "WWE hired me to fight like a Diva"

In recent years, in the rings of the McMahon company, a real revolution has been born for the women of the federation, with the term Women's Revolution that has literally revolutionized what WWE Universe fans were used to when they went to attend a match.

between two or more women. Until a few years ago, WWE called its women, Diva and not Superstar or wrestler like all other male colleagues, drawing a fairly deep line of distinction, between men and women, with the female part of the roster being in fact relegated to a very small part of the cards of the WWE shows and which obviously had never had important main events of any show of the federation, let alone the paid ppvs.

Over the past 4-5 years, this trend has changed dramatically, with WWE women ceasing to be called Divas, but becoming full-fledged WWE Superstars like men and with the top parts of the cards being you become a fairly well-known place for them too, despite the fact that the consideration of money, for women's contracts, is still very different from the great male Superstars.

In her last interview released to the microphones of the Kurt Angle Show, the former Smackdown champion Sasha Banks wanted to tell what the WWE executives told her when she was hired, that she should have been the Diva and not the wrestler, with the beautiful athlete who stated: "She was really tough.

When they still weren't used to training women like men. We were trained to do Divas and were given no explanation as to what she meant and why. They would come out and just say: hey, don't hit, don't do this anymore.

And we were like, 'Okay, but we have to fight. We have to do it' But we trained every single day and plus there were live events, plus in-ring training and moving from one city to another and posing for posters, so that people would be enticed to come to the shows.

It was a constant sacrifice, every day. I think maybe only Sunday was free and it wasn't really even a true day off, because you had to rest your mind for what would happen the next day."