WWE moves its historic headquarters to Stamford

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WWE moves its historic headquarters to Stamford

WWE, in the last 30 years exactly, has always had its headquarters in the same town in America, from which last year the match of the Money in the Bank, of the homonymous ppv of the company, was also staged, where Otis and Asuka have triumphed right on the twin towers of Stamford, detaching his briefcase from the top of the ladder positioned on the roof of the towers.

Apparently, the time would come for WWE to change headquarters, moving after numerous layoffs and releases, the entire headquarters of the company, from two famous buildings to one, always in the same Connecticut town, or in Stamford.

The new building that WWE will acquire is located on the outskirts of Stamford and also has as a whole the world famous tobacco company, which produces Philip Morris. This move had to be staged as early as 2019, but to finish all the movement of documents and materials from one location to another, it would take months, up to the first half of 2021.

Obviously due to the covid, everything has stalled, including the change of location for WWE. Finally, the time seems to have come for WWE to move to a new location, with all moves to the new 415,000-foot building set to begin shortly.

Before moving permanently, however, WWE wants to sell the Titan Towers headquarters, so as to use that money to cover the expenses of the new headquarters. After seeing all the live events and all the revenues due to the sale of tickets for the shows and merchandising sold on the spot stop, WWE wanted to wait for the return of fans and live shows to implement this shift, because the new policy of budget cuts prevented the federation from making even such a costly move.

After seeing the first numbers of the third quarter of the year, which seem to boost WWE shares and revenues, as happened in the last calendar year, Vince McMahon and associates have decided not to wait any longer, taking advantage of this great situation.

economic stability of the WWE, to carry out a historical change of location, which had not occurred since 1991.

Will the Rock return to WWE in 2021?

The dream match between Roman Reigns and The Rock continues to be a topic that holds court in the world of wrestling.

Countless Hollywood engagements have definitely pulled The Rock away from WWE in recent years, a path followed almost similarly by 16-time world champion John Cena. Earlier this year, Andrew Zarian announced the company's plan to bring 'Rock' back to the ring for the 2021 Survivor Series.

The idea was to start building a storyline that would lead him to face Roman Reigns. at WrestleMania 38 in 2022. However, the situation has changed dramatically since then. In fact, it seems that Vince McMahon's company has changed direction from a creative point of view and that the Tribal Chief will give life to yet another rematch with Brock Lesnar next year.

The two clashed at Crown Jewel, where Reigns came out victorious thanks to the fundamental help of Jey and Jimmy Uso. Guest on the latest edition of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Roman explored the possibility of one day challenging his illustrious cousin.

"Whether The Rock will return to the Survivor Series? It might be a good idea to celebrate the 25th anniversary of your WWE debut. However, I have not heard anything concrete about it. Although I am very close to The Rock, I do not have certain information on this subject.

I don't like to deceive the fans," confided the former member of the Shield. Many think that the Universal champion will dedicate himself to cinema once he retires from wrestling. "As for my future, there are no certainties at the moment.

I could keep fighting for another year or maybe five more, I have no idea. I let time take its course without worrying too much. Inside me, I still feel the desire to perform at the highest level. The cinema? Movies are different from wrestling, but still represent a form of entertainment. It would be great to get into that industry. It's an experience that I don't feel like excluding."