Sasha Banks: "Here are the most painful matches I've faced"

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Sasha Banks: "Here are the most painful matches I've faced"

Speaking to the microphones of the Kurt Angle Podcast, The Boss Sasha Banks revealed the most painful matches, on a physical level, she has ever faced, saying that probably the most painful was the Hell in a Cell, especially the one against Becky Lynch: " It is the most painful meeting I have ever been in, besides, perhaps, Money in the Bank.

Having been hit with a kendo stick, I still have a line and a bruise on her leg, and a footprint. That match has always changed my career because it makes me think differently about how I structure a match. How can I prove myself? How do I have fun while being hit with a chair? Going across a table, again with the kendo sticks, and then the steel cage itself.

It's not a joke. You can cut yourself on those things. Becky Lynch put a steel chair in the steel cage, she picked me up and kicked me. This is crazy. You feel it for the next month, and in my case, a year. I still have this bruise and it pisses me off."

Sasha Banks holds the record for the most appearances in a Hell in a Cell Match regarding the women's division, in fact inside the cage she faced: Charlotte Flair, also making history as the first women to face each other in a HIAC Match, as well as as first women in the main event of a WWE pay-per-view.

Then in 2019 she faced Becky Lynch in probably one of the most intense matches in WWE history for the women's division, which obviously, as written above, was also confirmed by Sasha herself, who still bears the marks.

Finally, the last one had with Bayley, then another of the Four Horsewomen, where she managed to put an end to their umpteenth rivalry by taking away the title of SmackDown champion after a reign that lasted several days, the longest for that belt .

To Stone Cold Steve Austin in his Broken Skull Sessions, Sasha also said: "Three of me have been. These are tough matches. I don't want to be in the fourth. Done, I feel good, they don't want to hurt me. It hurts."

The Undertaker: "I thought about mixed martial arts many years ago"

The Undertaker was one of the cornerstones of WWE during his legendary career. The Deadman has contributed more than any other superstar to increasing the popularity of wrestling in every corner of the world.

His iconic character and the epic feuds he's been a part of won't fade from fans' minds. Barring sensational and unlikely twists, the Gravedigger played his last match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36, ​​where he brought his American Badass character back to life.

Within the docu-series 'The Last Ride', Taker admitted that his physique was no longer able to withstand the efforts required by professional wrestling. Despite having always been loyal to WWE, the 'Phenom' has never hidden his passion for mixed martial arts.

In a recent chat on the RJ Radio Show, the former world champion revealed that he would like an adventure in MMA. The Undertaker: "I thought about it 15 years ago or even more, I don't remember the exact date. The UFC was becoming more and more popular and I've always enjoyed putting myself out there.

I had done some boxing in my late teens, so the idea was quite tantalizing for me. However, I've always had an unconditional love for wrestling and WWE. From time to time, the desire to try different disciplines and compare yourself with other athletes is normal.

I don't know how Vince McMahon would have taken it if I had told him this. I think he would have been stunned." The Deadman further explained that I am not in an optimal physical state: "Both of my hips have been partially replaced.

Now I need an operation on my right knee, so the road is still long for me. I'll just have to wait until the hunting season is over. If I would like to go back to fighting? Part of me would like it, but it's clear my days in the ring are over. I wouldn't be able to meet people's expectations."