Lince Dorado thanks Bayley and Charlotte Flair for saving his life

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Lince Dorado thanks Bayley and Charlotte Flair for saving his life

A few hours ago the masked luchador Lince Dorado logged into his Twitter account to spend some beautiful words of appreciation to his colleagues Bayley and Charlotte Flair who helped him in a difficult period of his life.

In fact, with the few characters made available by the social network, he wrote: "In 2014 I couldn't teach, so I geared up and fought to support my family. 5 people, 2 bedrooms in a yellow townhouse. Great people asked me for gear, a lot, which honestly saved my life.

Thanks friends @Mscharlottewwe and @itsBayleyWWE PS: I went back to teaching until I came to @WWE." In addition, just below the tweet with the photo that dates back to those times when he collaborated with 2/4 of the Four Horsewomen, he also put a photo of his sewing machines, the ones he used to give financial support to his family.

A beautiful gesture from the two colleagues, we are happy that he gave Lince and his family a little respite in a difficult moment. If there is something that we have also learned from the pandemic, which has hit us recently, it is that giving each other a hand, showing empathy and solidarity, can really save lives, in every sense.

Lince Dorado is not the only person grateful to have Bayley in his life and in the workplace and Seth Rollins knows it well who some time ago shared something about the Role Model, saying that in the ring he is better with her than with the wife Becky Lynch: "Seth Rollins and the character of Bayley, their synergy is instead perfect and becomes perfect for the sense they have together in the ring, in doing a promo together."

Even the current Tay conti in AEW had said that Bayley helped her a lot in the trial period at NXT, encouraging her to do better and better and bring out all the talent she had of her and which she now shows to everyone in Tony's company.


Is Charlotte Flair leaving WWE?

This week in Writing With Russo, a format where the former WWE booker analyzes the main topics of WWE and AEW, Russo spoke about the situation between the McMahon company and Charlotte Flair.

According to the man, in fact, the Queen could ask for his release shortly, with the WWE who, however, will not want to grant it to him, forcing her to still respect the years she has on the contract, which we know to be a little longer, even if we do not have the precise number.

These are his words: "So now we're going to play this little game of chess. Probably, I think, she'll ask for her release, and I don't think they'll let her. They'll make her life hell. I don't know the terms of her contract, brother.

I don't know how long he's under contract, but in the end, brother, he's probably going to have to use it until that contract is done. " Russo himself also said a few days ago: "When you get to the point that you are unhappy and you don't want to work for that company anymore, and you make it up in your mind… Let's take a look at Charlotte Flair, brother.

Her husband [boyfriend] is in AEW, WWE has treated her father like shit about her over the years. Brother, you can make any price of any kind to Tony Khan [president AEW ed], any price, and you know it." Russo also said that no amount of money would have been enough to entice Charlotte Flair to stay if she had already decided to leave WWE psychologically, remembering her days in WCW.

"I negotiated a two-year contract for a million dollars, like. For two years, because I was going to save everything and was going to end it, plus brother, I got bonuses, incentives and things like that. I swear to God, Chris , three months later, three months later, I was on the phone with my lawyer and I said, 'I don't care what you have to do, get me out of this deal.'

And brother, I don't have Charlotte Flair's money, I don't have the money of a wrestler, but there was two years, two million dollars and I was like, get me out of this. So, money doesn't matter. All the money in the world won't make her happy."