Kurt Angle: "I dream of becoming Gable Steveson's manager"

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Kurt Angle: "I dream of becoming Gable Steveson's manager"

Kurt Angle has written memorable pages of WWE history, having contributed to the company's development both in and out of the ring. The former Olympic gold medalist has achieved countless awards during his career, after overcoming the initial skepticism that hovered about him.

His retirement from wrestling materialized at WrestleMania 35, in ways very different from the expectations of fans and insiders. Angle was in fact defeated by Baron Corbin, certainly not the opponent of his dreams. Kurt has repeatedly admitted that he would have liked to face John Cena before hanging up his boots, but the Bostonian's Hollywood commitments precluded the possibility of a feud between the two.

The former world champion is still struggling with a long series of physical problems. Recently, he confided that he will have to undergo fusion surgery to ease the pain in his neck. Speaking in the latest edition of the 'Pancakes & Powerslams' podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer spoke in detail about his managerial aspirations.

Kurt Anglesaid: "Which superstar today would I like to be the manager of? Gable Steveson! I think Gable will be very important to WWE in the future. He has all the credentials to succeed in this business, I can assure you.

His charisma, his personality and his character are suitable to make a bang in perspective. If he finds the right confidence and surrounds himself with trusted people, the sky is really the only limit for this guy." Steveson has become very famous in the industry after winning the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics this summer.

On September 21, it was announced that Gable had signed a deal with WWE. Following the draft, the 21-year-old was assigned to the Raw roster. As reported by Fightful Select, the Stamford federation still does not have clear ideas about which role to assign to Steveson.

Fans will have to arm themselves with patience.

Kurt Angle: "Once Brock Lesnar got mad on a WWE flight"

Over the course of the career of one of the legendary WWE athletes, Brock Lesnar, there have been several quarrels and squabbles with colleagues from the company.

Especially given the taciturn character of the former WWE Champion, who hide a devastating anger, if he were to be teased and annoyed, several of the WWE Superstars, sooner or later found themselves in front of their own presence, the fury by The Beast.

The last only in coronological order to have seen a fairly aggressive Brock Lesnar parry is in fact the couple champion of Monday Night Raw, Matt Riddle, who in a recent edition of the Royal Rumble, saw a fairly Lesnar coming face to face.

annoyed by the Bro Man's constant mentions of the McMahon company in his interviews. In the latest edition of his Kurt Angle Show, the WWE Hall of Famer also wanted to tell an anecdote about the unleashed wrath of the former Universal Champion, about a flight of the Stamford company several years ago on which Curt Hennig, the famous Mr Perfect of the WWF, bothered to death his travel companion, Brock Lesnar.

To the microphones of his last speech in his very personal show, Angle has in fact told: "I was also on the flight when he went to bother Brock Lesnar. Brock was trying to sleep and Curt Hennig kept throwing alcohol on him and other things as well, always at him, right in the face!

And Brock went on a rampage. Brock wanted to kill him! I mean, it took five people to hold Brock back. It was horrible; Curt Hennig continued to do so, undeterred. He was crazy. He was a habitual pain in the ass, a provocateur; that was all he did, especially if he wasn't in the ring."

Unfortunately for him, Curt Hennig died very young in 2003, of drug intoxication, with the athlete who had now left WWE the year before, landing. in the TNA rings, which however saw him fight very little, for his untimely death.