Brock Lesnar is challenged by a Smackdown Superstar?

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Brock Lesnar is challenged by a Smackdown Superstar?

In the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown, Roman Reigns called out his latest Crown Jewel opponent, Brock Lesnar, standing still and unmoved in the blue show ring, until the Beast of the company showed up in front of him.

of him. After several minutes of actual brawl, which not even the company referees and road agents could stop, with Lesnar punching and kicking anyone, throwing dead weight bodies here and there on the blue show commentator table, eventually Adam Pearce managed to get the situation under control, announcing how Lesnar had been suspended indefinitely by the company.

Immediately after seeing this press release live, however, to fall victim to Lesnar, it was the WWE official, who suffered not one but two F-5s from the former WWE Champion, who eventually died he was quite proud of what he had done.

In all this, however, in a brief moment that some fans have not escaped, Cesaro was able to almost stop Lesnar, trying to make him think, with the Swiss of the company who has carried out this thing also on his social pages.

With a very particular image and caption, it seems that the former WWE US Champion, Cesaro, has suggested to the management and fans of the WWE Universe how in the future who knows how far the two can face each other in the ring of the company, to unequal weapons (probably), but nevertheless with great courage on the part of the Swiss Cyborg.

With a phrase taken from a sequence of the famous Marvel films, from the Avengers series, Cesaro thus indirectly challenged Lesnar, with the profile of "WWE on FOX", who immediately responded with a gif in which Hawkeye says "Don't give me hope", precisely in reference to the challenge.

Who knows that sooner or later Vince McMahon doesn't have this "unhealthy" idea of ​​pitting his massive wrestlers in the ring against him, to the delight of Cesaro's fans?

Lucas Hernandez will not go to prison for now

According to Italian newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport, the Madrid Provincial Court upheld the appeal filed by the Bayern Munich defender after the arrest warrant for crimes related to domestic violence: so, the soccer player Lucas Hernandez will not go to prison for now.

The sentence suspends the jail order for 4 years, provided that Hernandez does not commit any other crimes during this period. The suspension is also subject to the payment of a fine of 400 euros per day for 240 days. If the conditions are not met, the arrest will be triggered.

The lawsuit dates back to February 2017: he and his wife Amelia de la Osa Lorente quarrel in the street, the Frenchman beats her according to reconstructions. The Madrid court sentences both to 31 days of social services and prevents them from approaching or communicating for six months.

Despite the restrictions, the two reconciled decide to go on their honeymoon together to Miami and on their return they are first arrested and then released