Zelina Vega: "Here's what Vince told me after becoming queen"

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Zelina Vega: "Here's what Vince told me after becoming queen"

Zelina Vega made her history by winning the first Queen's Crown Tournament, with the final held between her and former NXT UK superstar, Doudrop, on 21 October 2021 in Crown Jewel, Saudi Arabia. But what did the WWE Chairman tell you? Muñeca explained it to Sports Illustrated: "Vince McMahon approached me after the match in the back and said: You came here queen, and now it's official.

I almost went crazy. This is finally my time to show everyone who I am. I'm not in anyone's shadow. This is my time to show why I am a star. Regina Zelina, it seems incredible to me to say. I'm also presenting it in Spanish, La Reina, it's me.

It seems absolutely fair to say this. This is me, and it's mine. It has been a journey from hell, and I can't wait to continue my story as Queen Zelina. Every time I step into the ring, I feel I have to prove my worth.

I take this opportunity in WWE very seriously. This is my time, and it starts now." The move that led her to victory was Code Red: "That Code Red wasn't just a match move." Zelina Vega said. “And it wasn't just about my WWE trip.

This is my journey through life, and up to this point, it's the highlight of my career. That Code Red wasn't just a wrestling move, it was an exclamation point. It was I who represented my family. This is my cousin's move.

Amazing Red, he deserves so much credit for what he did, so it was for him. It was also for my father. And this was for me, to consolidate my place and prove that I belong here. " Zelina's reign kicks off Monday on Raw with the first season after WWE 2021 Draft.

Here's who will face Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 38

The Main Event between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at Crown Jewel 2021 met expectations with the two phenomena showing that they have great chemistry in the ring and are very comfortable as rivals.

At Crown Jewel it was the champion who prevailed and continued his journey as Universal Champion, but also or better above all, the way he won can only lead to a continuation of this storyline. Their feud is not over and it could continue until Wrestlemania 38 without sensational twists.

In the match at Crown Jewel, Usos' interference was decisive and the situation relating to Paul Heyman, who has not yet clarified, has not gone unnoticed. his role and which of the two wrestlers he supports. WWE continues to support his cryptic role by creating suspense and interest within WWE.

During the last episode of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, well-known colleague Dave Meltzer said that WWE's plan is to bring the storyline between Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman up to Wrestlemania 38, scheduled for next year.

He confirmed that the company thinks Paul Heyman should be instrumental in their feud. Here are his words: "I believe that for this reason the Paul Heyman issue has not been resolved now, the company wants to carry it forward to Wrestlemania and it should go like this as there doesn't seem to be anything bigger for Wrestlemania right now."

Body language in recent weeks hinted that WWE was ready for a betrayal by Paul Heyman against Roman Reigns but at the moment everything is at a standstill. The goal of Vince McMahon and in general of the whole WWE is to allow Roman Reigns to overcome Brock Lesnar's record of over 500 days and thus make the greatest reign in WWE history and for this reason it is possible that a new fight between the two there is directly to Wrestlemania with a possible sensational change of title.