The latest social message posted by The Rock to The Undertaker

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The latest social message posted by The Rock to The Undertaker

They are two of the greatest legends in WWE history and in these hours some social messages have fallen to the eye of fans. The Rock and The Undertaker represent WWE and the former wanted to thank The Deadman for his regular presence in the Vince McMahon federation over the years.

It all started when The Great One saw on Twitter an old video where The Rock and Taker were fighting, it was a great challenge and both as The Rock recalls they were having a lot of fun.

The Rock's social message to The Undertaker

Through his Twitter profile The Rock posted this video and thanked him talking about The Undertaker: "Good God, this Era (The Attitude Era) was the best.

Thanks to my friend The Undertaker, who is also on my Mt Rushmore of wrestlers, because thanks to him we always had fun and we were able to take care of the fans." From this year The Undertaker is also on Twitter, a choice that has surprised the fans a lot (almost shocked) but The Rock on this occasion didn't tag it.

It is not an easy moment for The Rock who announced in recent days that he tested positive for the virus along with his family. In a long video, the former WWE Champion wanted to reassure all his fans and at the same time he tried to give them hope, especially to those who have had the virus and have feared and have those who are fighting it now.

The well-known wrestler and now actor was also advised to follow all the rules and always wear a mask, washing his hands often and protecting his family. The Great One announced that his wife Lauren and two daughters also tested positive for swabs.

Initially The Rock was convinced that he was the only one infected, then he realized that this virus had affected his entire family. Fortunately, all of his family members have now passed the positivity to this virus. Meanwhile former WWE Champion AJ Styles was a member of the federation for only four years, but nevertheless left an important footprint within it and certainly had a fantastic career.

The former TNA icon is also adored by the WWE Universe, but at the same time the wrestler has repeatedly stated that his current contract with Vince McMahon's federation will be his last. The Phenomenal One signed a new deal with WWE last year and in a recent appearance via his Twitch account revealed the real reason he wants to retire from WWE and leave the wrestling world for good.

The well-known wrestler has communicated the reason for the withdrawal, a reason that appears clear and more than legitimate. Here are his words in particular: "I want to retire. I really want this, more than anything else.

I will leave, and already last Friday I had a small appetizer of what will happen in the future. After some time, due to the regulations related to the health emergency, I was able to see my children's training and for me it was a great thing.

I usually perform on Friday and this joy is so deprived of me, this time it didn't happen. Luckily my son will play on Saturday next week and I will have the chance to see him." AJ Styles has been with WWE since 2016, he joined the company after his NJPW stint.

Some time ago there were speculations about his possible arrival in AEW, rumors never denied, but which in reality were useful to the wrestler to get a last and good renewal of the contract with the WWE. The former Intercontinental champion recently lost the title to Jeff Hardy, but has already asked for a rematch, a match that could occur at Clash of Champions, perhaps in a Triple Threat Match valid for the title.