Stephanie McMahon is the first woman executive in a Hall of Fame

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Stephanie McMahon is the first woman executive in a Hall of Fame

One of the most influential woman personalities in the world of pro-wrestling, both on-screen and behind the scenes of WWE, was undoubtedly Stephanie McMahon, defined as the Billion Dollar Princess of the McMahon company, for being born into a wealthy American family, with the father who was the creator of the world power that is WWE as we know it today.

After inheriting part of the company from her father, Stephanie McMahon has taken some very important steps in the management of the Stamford federation, coming to make very important decisions, for the future of the company and also for the historical component of the pro-wrestling world, which was partly revolutionized by her.

The latest honor for Stephanie was her inclusion in the most important women on the planet, who cover the role of CMO of a large company, with Steph coming in second place on that list, second only to Netflix's number one.

In addition, in recent days, Stephanie has also been included in another important Hall of Fame, in which she figures as the first and historic manager / female executive in the history of this category. With thanks and congratulations from her father's company, arrived on Twitter, we learn that Stephanie McMahon was the first female executive and non-wrestler, to enter the International Sports Hall of Fame, one of the most prestigious Arks in the Glory of the sporting world, with pro-wrestling always being excluded from these categories.

Thanks to her contribution to the sports world, Stephanie thus ended up in the Hall of Fame, also thanks to the continuous contribution that Steph gives to the world of altruism and charity, as well as the sports one. "Congratulations Stephanie McMahon for being the first female executive to be inducted into the International Sports Hall of Fame."

Another huge milestone for Vince McMahon's daughter, who will likely have the company in the future after her father leaves the presided throne for over 40 years.

UEFA Nations League 2021: France beats Spain to win the tournament

France defeated Spain in the 2021 UEFA Nations League final, played in San Siro, Milan, Italy.

Victory in comeback for France, under in the second half due to Oyarzabal's goal. It took Benzema a minute to re-establish parity with a splendid right-footed shot before Kylian Mbappé scored the winning goal in the final.

The transalpines thus become the second national team to register their name in the roll of honor of the competition after the triumph of Portugal in 2019.
France had a better start in the first half and already on 5 'became dangerous with Benzema, good at skipping Unai Simón, but his cross in the middle was neutralized for a corner by the Spanish defense.

Spain tries to respond, controlling possession. In the second half the match remains balanced, but devoid of emotions. At least until the 63rd minute, when Theo Hernandez goes one step away from the advantage: his conclusion is printed on the crossbar.

A minute later, Oyarzabal runs deep, Upamecano stumbles and the Spanish forward scores the goal. At 66 'Benzema marks an unstoppable trajectory for Unai Simón with his right. Two minutes pass and Mbappé would have the ball for overtaking, but his lob with Unai Simón out of the posts ends just a little high.

Mbappé made no mistake in the 80th minute, when he beats the goalkeeper of the opposing team. In the 88th minute, Lloris' intervention on Oyarzabal's splendid volley shot was decisive. France is champion of the second edition of the continental tournament.