Daffney Unger died aged 46 years-old

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Daffney Unger died aged 46 years-old

Daffney Unger entered the world of professional wrestling in 1999 during a WCW contest organized to recruit new talent. She found her popularity when she started working alongside Crowbar and David Flair. She was one of the few women in history to have held the cruiserweight title.

Once she left the company she landed in NWA, TNA, XPW and was also briefly in WWE. She had also been part of the indie scene before signing with TNA playing a particular version of Vice President Sarah Palin, before going back to being just herself.

She has also been a part of Shane Wrestling, Shimmer and ROH.

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During the day of September 1st, Daffney in a live on Instagram talked about his mental health problems threatening to take his own life, so all his fans started calling the police who were sent to several known addresses before his family was contacted with a correct and updated address, because the woman had moved a few weeks ago.

Breaking the news of the disappearance was SHIMMER Wrestling who posted the following announcement on Twitter: "We are very sad to have to announce the passing of Shannon Spruill aka Daffney Unger @screamqueendaff. We publish this at the request of her family.

Please respect. their privacy in this difficult time. I will miss you another father's sister. -Lexie Fyfe" Daffney was a very respected woman and athlete in the environment, in fact when colleagues learned that her life was in danger, they immediately gave all their support, also trying to communicate with the family to understand if it was possible to intervene to save her, but unfortunately it seems that the police were not able to break in stopped by the landlord for some legal quibble.

The world of wrestling and World Wrestling staff gather around her family, friends and fans. We also want to remind you that whatever you are going through, especially in this difficult time you are not alone and asking for help is not for weak people.

Sasha Banks: the absence still persists

Sasha Banks was removed from a series of WWE live events prior to SummerSlam, and then was unable to take part in the Biggest Party of the Summer, where she was supposed to take on Bianca Belair for the title of SmackDown champion.

But not only that, given that the contest had been regularly announced up to a few seconds after its beginning. The segment, as known, ended with the return of Becky Lynch, who later became the new champion. Now, however, fans are waiting for the return of Sasha Banks, enough to send a hashtag on how much the Boss is missing them.

According to PWInsider, however, Sasha Banks is not yet on the road with WWE. She hasn't been on a trip with her peers even this past weekend, as she missed out on those live events that WWE has regularly played. But according to the hugely popular overseas site, Boss won't be back this week either.

"Sasha Banks wasn't on a WWE trip this past weekend and unless there's a last minute change, we're told she won't be back this week either," the 'PWInsider column reads. " The current hope is that Sasha Banks will return by September 10, but this is not confirmed to happen.

Obviously, the company would like to have her at that show, which will be held in Madison Square Garden. Also, and this is the aspect that seems to interest fans the most, it has not been confirmed why she has been out of action lately.

Bianca Belair spoke about the absence of Sasha Banks, on the same night as the SummerSlam dispute and a title now lost. "All I can say is that I am sorry that there was no match against Sasha Banks tonight, but I believe that sooner or later she and I will be back in the ring.

the last few weeks have been difficult for her and here at SummerSlam I was ready to finally finish with her. Surely we will finish what we started and only after that point will I be able to finally focus on Becky Lynch," declared on that occasion the now former SmackDown champion.