Roman Reigns reveals a great news during Smackdown

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Roman Reigns reveals a great news during Smackdown

If for WWE Universe fans the situation was still unclear as to which faction Roman Reigns now belongs to after his return to the company's rings, with the latest Friday Night Smackdown episode airing in the night, such doubts will likely be even bigger, with the Big Dog of the federation that, in the general surprise, let himself be found by the cameras of the federation in front of a very dangerous character from the WWE circles.

Throughout the episode, the road agent of the federation Adam Pearce, did nothing but literally chase all three challengers for the Payback Universal title, with the trainer of the company who had in fact the task of having the contract signed.

conclusion of the match to Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt.

Is Roman Reigns a new Paul Heyman Guy?

After searching the seas and the mountains, Roman Reigns was only found at the end of the episode in the backstage of the show, with Adam Pearce asking Big Dog for an explanation as to why he did not want to sign his contract for Payback and with the ex WWE Champion who instead reassured the road agent by saying that Payback will be there and as always after dominating the match he will return to being champion.

The strange and surprising thing at the same time, however, came shortly after, with Reigns saying the famous phrase "and this is not a prediction but a spoiler", typical of Paul Heyman and with the federation's camera widening the frame on the WWE backstage sofa, he frames no less than Paul Heyman, sitting next to Smackdown's Big Dog.

Apparently, even Roman Reigns would now have requested the "services" of Paul Heyman as his lawyer, with Brock Lesnar's departure from Wrestlemania which upset the federation's plans. Now we will see how the new storyline that sees a Roman Reigns never seen like this in the WWE rings will evolve, especially with the Mad Genius at his side, in a coalition that already promises sparks for all WWE Universe fans in the world.

Meanwhile Vince McMahon upsets plans for Wrestlemania 37 again. Apparently, initially the WWE Chairman would have liked to see a main event at Wrestlemania 37 between Edge and Randy Orton, in the famous closing match of their feud, which if Edge hadn't been injured , would air on Summerslam last Sunday.
The match that was supposed to close the feud between the two legendary athletes, again according to some sources close to the WWE, should have been an I Quit match, a contest that is rarely seen in the Stamford company rings.

After the victory of Drew McIntyre in the Summerslam titled match, however, it would seem that Vince McMahon has changed his mind again, with the main event of Wrestlemania 37 that would no longer be so obvious now as now.

As revealed by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the two athletes of Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre, should have their rematch immediately after Payback, ppv from which the Scotsman seems to have been excluded, with the new contest that should close. the games between the two that will probably arrive in Clash of Champions, next September 27th.