Kurt Angle: "Here's the WWE Superstar everyone was afraid of"

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Kurt Angle: "Here's the WWE Superstar everyone was afraid of"

Over the course of their careers, WWE Superstars go from being young talent and therefore those who are the latest arrivals to WWE, who must try to deserve respect from the whole crew, both inside the ring and in the backstage of the federation, then being great athletes respected and admired by the whole world, until becoming a real legend, at the end of their career.

Among the many who have made these steps, finding themselves now to be WWE Hall of Famer, we find the likes of Kurt Angle, Ron Simmons, Ric Fair, Steve Austin and so on and so forth. All wrestlers have been retired for years from the pro-wrestling world, but they still receive a lot of respect for what has been donated to the pro-wrestling discipline throughout their twenty-year or thirty-year career.

In the latest episode of his The Kurt Angle Show, WWE Hall of Famer's personal podcast winner of an Olympic gold medal in Atlanta '96, Kurt wanted to reveal the name of everyone's most feared WWE Superstar, as he could have pulled ears to anyone, as much respected by everyone in the backstage, we are talking about the former member of the APA, Ron Simmons, the master of Damn.

Regarding the great respect for him that the whole crew has always had, Angle has in fact told: "Because he (Ron Simmons) was truly feared. He was the guy who could kick ass or anyone in the locker room. So, I think everyone had a lot of respect for him for this particular reason and on top of that he was also a great worker.

It really was." After trying to fly solo for years, the real and concrete success on WWE televisions, for Ron Simmons, came thanks to the couple formed with JBL, at the time of the APA, with the two who were one of WWE's pivotal tag teams in the Attitude Era and with both athletes who are now Hall of Famers of the federation and have finished their ring engagements for years now.

Can Ric Flair return to the ring?

Among the world's greatest pro-wrestling legends of the past 50 years, the name of two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair, multiple world champion of the Stamford federation and the defunct Turner company, WCW, certainly resonates.

he then moved his steps also in the TNA rings, only to retire definitively from wrestling wrestling a few years ago. His last official match in the WWE rings dates back to Wrestlemania 24, where Shawn Michaels defeated him in his last fight, the stipulation of which was that if Ric had lost the match, he would have to retire and after a very emotional match, a moved Flair left the federation rings, greeting everyone the next day, in an episode of Monday Night Raw dedicated to him and his farewell.

Apparently, however, this goodbye may not be definitive, given the recent words of Booker T, who would swear he heard Ric Flair talk about a retirement that will never come, because he will die as a wrestler and not as a manager.

Booker T in his latest installment of his podcast, the Hall of Fame podcast, he had stated that Ric had talked to him about the possibility of returning to the ring again at least once before completely abandoning the world of wrestling, which at this point may never do, until his death, in the last few hours Flair himself wanted to make his long-time fans fantasize with a photo.