Goldberg: "I didn't want my family involved in wrestling"

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Goldberg: "I didn't want my family involved in wrestling"

Goldberg made his umpteenth return to WWE during the post-Money in the Bank episode of Raw. The latter has started a feud with current WWE champion Bobby Lashley, which will culminate in SummerSlam in a couple of days. Bill will therefore have another chance to take the title after he failed to do so in early 2021 against Drew McIntyre at the Royal Rumble.

If he were to take home the victory, Goldberg would become the only superstar in history to have held the WWE Championship, the World Heavyweight Championship and the Universal Champion belt. During the latest edition of WWE The Bump, he was asked to delve into his family's involvement in the heated storyline with Lashley.

Goldberg's son Gage was in fact targeted by MVP on Raw about a week ago. Fans had seen him appear in front of the cameras as early as the 2016 Survivor Series, when he was called into the ring by Goldberg to celebrate his success against Brock Lesnar.

Goldberg said: "As a father of a family, it is one of the most beautiful things that could have happened to me. It was never my goal to involve my family in my work, I was afraid of repercussions or whatever. Everyone knows that my family is one of the reasons that prompted me to return to the ring.

My son and my wife had never seen me fight, in fact my wife didn't even know who the hell I was when we first met." Goldberg often has nice words for his rival Bobby Lashley too: "He's definitely a worthy opponent, I can't deny it.

In some ways, I notice a clear similarity between our fighting styles. He has a very extensive repertoire of moves and is rightfully the WWE champion right now. I'll have to be very careful and avoid getting distracted, otherwise I would risk suffering his devastating Spear."

The oldest superstar to ever hold the WWE title is currently Vince McMahon, who succeeded in this feat in 1999 aged 54 years and 21 days.

Goldberg: "Brock Lesnar is by far the toughest opponent I've ever met"

Bill Goldberg returned to WWE for the umpteenth time in the episode of Raw following Money in the Bank.

Bill has challenged Bobby Lashley for the WWE Championship by starting a feud that will culminate in SummerSlam, the most anticipated pay-per-view of the summer, staged in Las Vegas on August 21. In the episode of the red show airing this week, The All Mighty recorded a promo in which he was confident of demolishing Goldberg in just over a week.

Fans have often criticized the WWE leadership for the countless titled chances granted to Bill, who had already appeared this year at the Royal Rumble. In the aforementioned circumstance, he had surrendered quite sharply to Drew McIntyre by exiting the scene with his tail between his legs.

In a recent interview with Gaelyn Mendonca for WWE India, Goldberg was asked who was the toughest opponent he has ever met in the ring. "Brock Lesnar, I have no doubt," Goldberg replied without hesitation. "I would like to say that Brock's character is extremely similar to mine.

What we interpret in front of the cameras is something very close to who we really are. Confronting Brock Lesnar is a bit like challenging myself. The same can also be true for Bobby Lashley, with the difference that he is much younger," he continued.

A few days ago, the statements of René Duprée, who accused Goldberg of being a dangerous wrestler, caused a huge sensation. "He dislocated my shoulder once. We had to do a fairly simple segment, but he hit me with a French flag and the consequences were terrible.

I still remember feeling tremendous pain. There are many other superstars who can confirm this. For me, WWE must be desperate if they still bet on Goldberg. They don't know how to create new stars or they don't trust the athletes who play on the roster, I can't think of other plausible explanations," he had ruled.