Mijaín López won his 4th Olympic gold!

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Mijaín López won his 4th Olympic gold!

The god of wrestling is writing new pages in the history of this sport! The inimitable showman Mijaín López became the first four-time winner of the Olympic gold in Greco-Roman style wrestling for the weight up to 130 kilograms after he defeated the Georgian Iakobi Kajaia with the result 5: 0 in the final!

In addition to the legendary Cuban, only the Japanese Kaori Icho won four Olympic gold medals, who did so in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016 in freestyle. This is also the fourth most brilliant medal for Mijaín López at the Games, since he climbed to the highest place on the podium in 2008 and 2012 for a weight of 120 kilograms, and in 2016 and today in the competition of rivals up to 130 kilograms!

The fact that he reached the new gold again without losing a point proves how dominant the 38-year-old Cuban is! He first defeated Romanian Alexuc-Ciurariu with 9: 0, then Iranian Amin Mirzazadeh with 8: 0, to be better than Turkish Riza Kayaalp in the semifinals with 2: 0.

Historically, Mijaín López has won opponents at the Olympics with a total score of 79: 3, or an impressive 54: 0 in the last three appearances. This year's tournament ended with 24: 0. Unbelievable! Soon after the start of the final match, Lopez got a point due to the passivity of the opponent, and soon he took two more points due to the fall by grabbing his neck.

Another point followed due to passivity, and then also because Kajaia went out of the allowed zone.


Regardless of the fact that this is his fourth consecutive Olympic gold, Mijain celebrated as if it were his first.

About ten seconds before the end, the celebratory dance began, and then he traditionally kissed the rival he was beating in the head, and then he threw his coach on the floor when he came to congratulate him on the new gold.

Interestingly, Mijain Lopez once rejected offers from other countries to compete for them, who lured him by saying that he should "escape from the Cuban state system" He remained faithful to his country and flag, just as Teofilo Stevensson and Felix Savon once did.

This is, as previously announced, the last match for a wrestler with the nickname "Child" in his career. In the end, he managed to surpass the Russian man Aleksandr Karelin at the Olympic level, whom many have called the best wrestler of all time.

From today, Mijail Lopez will stand side by side with him. The Russian was the world champion nine times and lost only two matches in his career, while the Cuban was defeated in three of the eight finals of the planetary championship.

But, he is the only wrestler with four gold medals, while Karelin had three most brilliant medals and one silver