Chelsea Green: "I'm really jealous of Alexa Bliss"

Speaking on Those Wrestling Girls podcast Chelsea Green confirmed that she really wanted that role but in the end she didn't make it

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Chelsea Green: "I'm really jealous of Alexa Bliss"

Last April, WWE announced the surprise release of some of the company's superstars. Among these was also the wrestler Chelsea Green, an athlete who has never managed to establish herself in the company of Vince McMahon. To tell the truth, there were high expectations about Chelsea Green's presence in the WWE, but several times the wrestler was struggling with very serious physical problems and after the last heavy injury WWE was forced to release her.

What many don't know is that Chelsea Green was one of the wrestlers the company had thought of to be alongside The Fiend, a role that ultimately went to Alexa Bliss. Speaking on Those Wrestling Girls podcast Chelsea Green confirmed that she really wanted that role but in the end she didn't make it.

Here are the words of The Hot Mess: "Trust me, I really tried. When I saw Alexa Bliss play that role, yes I was happy for her but at the same time I was jealous of her and her character. I think she would have been the kind of character that would have me prospered.

This is the crazy thing about wrestling and sometimes things don't go your way. " In a second time Chelsea Green had expressed the will to collaborate also with Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt The Fiend in a new unprecedented role: "I thought I might be the third person next to The Fiend and Alexa Bliss but she wasn't really struggling but she was just standing next to The Fiend.

I thought I could make an impact by fighting on the women's roster and become pivotal in the entire main roster. " Before her release there was much discussion in WWE about the possibility that Chelsea Green was Sister Abigail on the main roster but in the end the plans did not go through also due to the constant physical problems of the wrestler.

Randy Orton on WWE list of inactive-unavailable stars?

In the last episodes of Monday Night Raw, among the many absences in recent months, a very important one was added, of an athlete who in the last calendar year has literally dragged the entire red roster, especially in the period of the so-called ThunderDome Era.

We are talking about the Legend Killer, also called The Viper: Randy Orton. In the last period, the WWE has preferred to get Randy Orton out of the feud with Bray Wyatt, who has also disappeared from the Monday Night Raw TV screens, to then also get him out of the titled round that counts of the red show, however inserting him in a real team unusual and nice with the former US Champion of the same roster, Matt Riddle.

Apparently, in the weeks leading up to Wrestlemania, Orton would have asked the management of the company to take a break, but that break would never have come until now, so it is possible that the management has been waiting for the new developments and the new implications of the storyline.

with Matt Riddle, in order to get his Legend Killer out of the picture for a while. After the last segments he had with Riddle on Monday Night Raw, Randy Orton would literally disappear into thin air, with the storyline carried out by his teammate that led him to confide even in front of the cameras that he had called the police for the disappearance of the partner.

According to reports in the last few hours by several very important online sites, Orton would have been inserted by WWE, internally, in the list of unavailable or inactive Superstars at the moment, which means that even if there should be a problem or an emergency , Orton cannot be called to replace a colleague, as often happens in live events or even in TV tapings.

Furthermore, as confirmed by the well-known overseas podcast, the Fightful Select, it would seem that the return of Randy Orton is much closer than it seems, with the date of the fateful reappearance on Raw which could be that of August 2nd.

Here is what was reported by journalists from overseas: "We have not been told anything about the problems between Orton and the company and the hope is that both sides will work together again in time for next August 2 in the weekly episode of Raw." Probably in the coming weeks we will have further info about Randy Orton and his eventual come back.

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