CM Punk could be fighting again

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CM Punk could be fighting again

It is a time of great comebacks in the wrestling world, especially with the resumption of tours with the public starting to fill the arenas and to be heard loud and clear during every segment and every match that is presented to us.

In WWE we have seen some returns of athletes who have been out due to injury, such as Keith Lee last night on Raw, who faced reigning champion Bobby Lashley for an open challenge, or, remaining on the subject, the beloved Goldberg who just challenged Lashley for the belt.

And obviously how not to mention the idol of every generation of wrestling, the soldier, the rapper, the hero of the children, John Cena, who showed up at the end of Money In The Bank to send a clear and round message to Roman Reigns.

But it seems that someone else is on the prowl to make their return to the ring, someone that no one would ever expect to see again after some very strong statements made in recent years. As reported by our American colleagues from the well-known site Fighful Select: “CM Punk is in talks for a return of him” and the AEW is referred to as “the most possible landing point” right now.

Right now there is no confirmation that Punk has officially signed a contract with AEW or any other company and there is no set date for his return. Of course, any creative plans were also not revealed. Punk, however, could be very close to his return to the ring, with many companies trying to contact him with the return of the live audience, unspecified companies though.

It should also be noted that this story has not been confirmed by either the wrestler or the AEW. Now all we have to do is wait for any more official news. We will keep you updated as always, hoping that someone will enjoy seeing him again.

Why did Roman Reigns nominate Brock Lesnar to Smackdown?

In recent weeks, but also in recent months, one of the thoughts that has most gripped the minds of WWE Universe fans has been the possible clash in the ring between Brock Lesnar, former assistant of Paul Heyman and Roman Reigns, current wrestler to whom the Mad Genius acts as personal advisor on Friday Night Smackdown.

Obviously, if it is not the first thought that comes to mind to a fan of the company, that of the clash between Reigns and Lesnar is still one of the themes that sooner or later always comes up in some discussion or argument regarding the Smackdown main event.

Since his post-Wrestlemania 36 exit, nothing has been heard of Lesnar and obviously the WWE, not being able to use Heyman otherwise, diverted him to Reigns, with the change of attitude of the wrestler which turned out to be probably the most important move.

winner of his entire career. As you will surely have heard in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, the Universal champion Roman Reigns entertained his virtual audience (for the last time), also talking about Brock Lesnar.

To many fans of the WWE Universe, it seemed strange, but apparently, going back in time and in the episodes of the blue show, we discover several curiosities of the genre regarding these quotes. As we also reported a few days ago, Paul Heyman changed his Facebook profile picture, to put one in which he admires the work of Lesnar, while he was beating up Reigns, when he was still one of the most important babyfaces in the WWE.

Apparently, an answer to this question would come from the well-known Ringside News site, which after having questioned various sources inside the WWE, would have discovered that this modus operandi would have been chosen by the directly concerned and by the Chairman himself, Vince.

McMahon, to build future segments and feuds. Should WWE actually opt for a Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar, WWE would already have several material in its past that it can use for such projects. This explains why even going forward in time, we will always find references to past characters in the history of Reigns and Heyman, such as Lesnar, Daniel Bryan and many others.