WWE Money in the Bank 2021 preview - Part 1

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WWE Money in the Bank 2021 preview - Part 1

After a year and a half, we are finally here! We are on the eve of the first WWE PPV that will host the crowd. An absence that was felt immensely and already the last episode of SmackDown showed how different the atmosphere of a wrestling show is with fans in the stands.

This great return takes place on the occasion of Money in the Bank, an event that in itself attracts the curiosity of fans, both for the presence of the two Ladder Matches and for the proximity to SummerSlam. Precisely for this reason, let's not waste any more time and start analyzing and predicting all the Money in the Bank 2021 matches.

Kickoff: SmackDown Tag Team Championship: The Mysterios vs The Usos: Money in the Bank will open with a bang with this match valid for couple titles that descends from the main storyline of SmackDown. The Usos will attempt the assault on the belts held by the father-son couple of Rey and Dominik Mysterio in a dispute that, on the one hand, surprises me that it is in the Kickoff: a decision due, presumably, to reasons of time.

The victory of Jimmy and Jey would also have strong implications for the figure of the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and would be a huge step forward in the storyline dedicated to the Samoan lineage, perhaps a little too much for a Kickoff.

I therefore think that the time has not yet come for this title change, which certainly will happen, but later on. Probably this will be a test case to see the reaction of the public to the Mysterios and to understand if the work done in the last year with Dominik has worked or not.
Winners and still champions: The Mysterios Raw Tag Team Championship: AJ Styles & Omos vs Viking Raiders: The match for the Raw couple titles, on the other hand, finds space in the main card and will see the Styles-Omos couple clash with the Viking Raiders.

A clash already announced for some time but which has not enjoyed some kind of construction; I am happy that the Viking Raiders have the opportunity to show what they can do in PPV, being very undervalued, but there is a clear sense that this will be a transitional defense for the champions.

The road to the clash with RKBro at SummerSlam is already written and this match only serves to give a little more credibility to the champions, who have certainly not had the limelight on them in recent months. Precisely for this reason I think it was right to move this meeting to PPV, to give more visibility to the couple category of Raw, since the SummerSlam contest will be one of the cartel matches of the most important event of the summer given the great popularity reached by the duo formed by Riddle and Randy Orton, which could literally explode thanks to the following of the public present in the arenas.
Winners and still champions: AJ Styles & Omos WWE Championship: Bobby Lashley vs Kofi Kingston: There is so much meat in this PPV that the match valid for the WWE Championship takes a back seat.

Behind this consideration is a total absence of challengers on a par with current champion Bobby Lashley, which prompted the federation to organize this match with Kofi Kingston. Here too, everything smacks of a transitional defense, but I must say that the commitment to building a worthy storyline has been seen, from Kofi's interactions with MVP to the beautiful and intense Almighty promo of the latest episode of Raw; this is not enough to make this contest unmissable, but I appreciate the effort.

Victory will obviously go to Bobby Lashley and after the promo just mentioned, with a Lashley who seems more determined than ever to impose his supremacy, I expect a rather dominant defense: not a squash, because Kofi can have his offensive but a decisive victory.

And after Money in the Bank, it would be crazy not to propose once and for all the clash between this Bobby Lashley and Brock Lensar…
Winner and still champion: Bobby Lashley