At the upcoming Smackdwon a super match with Roman Reigns and Edge!

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At the upcoming Smackdwon a super match with Roman Reigns and Edge!

In the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown that aired last Friday night, WWE obviously continued to continue the feud between Universal Champion Roman Reigns and his current opponent, the Rated R Superstar Edge. After returning by surprise a few weeks ago, after a long period of absence, arrived immediately after the triple threat of Wrestlemania 37, which had permanently closed the card of the Showcase of the Immortals, Edge immediately returned to attack that Tribal Chief who did not he had never managed to defeat and to whom he had never managed to snatch the belt after his victory at the Royal Rumble.

The two are now expected to have a 1 vs 1 clash, in Money in the Bank, on July 18, where Reigns will have to defend his Universal title from the attack of the Hall of Famer, back more gritty, angry and load than ever since his absence for a few months.

In the last hours, through the social channels and through its official website, WWE has wanted to put a lot of meat on the fire for the next episode of Smackdown, which we remember, will be the very first weekly post-pandemic show to have a live audience flesh and blood, with WWE having already taken down the ThunderDome after the last episode of Smackdown, as Monday Night Raw on Monday will be aired recorded for a week already.

In the next episode of Smackdown, we will see Edge team up with Mysterio, after what happened in the last episode of the blue show and instead the Tribal Chief will team up with his cousins, the Usos and all six will go to battle in one.

match. If all this were not enough, for the evening of return on the road, the WWE has also announced the following matches: - Banca Belair vs Carmella for the Smackdown Women's Championship - Fatal 4 Way match: Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Big E vs Shinsuke Nakamura - Roman Reigns & The Usos vs Edge, Rey and Dominik Mysterio

Will Brock Lesnar return to Money in the Bank?

It's now over a year that Brock Lesnar has disappeared from WWE's radar but WWE Universe fans have been waiting for months and probably 'hoping' for a sensational return of The Beast Incarnate, absent specifically from the match against Drew McIntyre at Wrestlemania 36.

The contract of the former WWE Champion has long since expired, there have been several rumors about Lesnar, even about his arrival in All Elite Wrestling, but the reality is that the wrestler is waiting for any new and good offers.

In recent weeks there has been a lot of discussion about a sensational return of Brock Lesnar in WWE, in particular in that of SummerSlam and this thing could presuppose a return of the wrestler during the Pay per View of Hell in A Cell.

In the course of Raw Talk the wrestler of the red show Ricochet, wrestler who will be a participant in the Ladder Match in Money in the Bank has launched an interesting possibility, something that could shock both the WWE Universe and the insiders, here are his words : "This is only my second Money in the Bank Match, already in the first time Brock Lesnar appeared out of nowhere and cost the match.

I hope he won't show up again because it would be bad news for all of us." Ricochet's reminiscent occasion is the 2019 Multi-Man Ladder Match when Brock Lesnar appeared out of nowhere and won the briefcase. On that occasion the other participants in the event were Randy Orton, Finn Balor, Drew McIntyre, Andrade, Ali and Baron Corbin as well as of course Ricochet.

For some time there has been talk of a possible return to Brock Lesnar's Smackdown that could launch a challenge and create a dream match against WWE Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, a match that all WWE dreams of and awaits and that could also see among the protagonists also Paul Heyman with the Mad Genius protagonist first in the career of The Beast Incarnate as Manager and now as adviser to the currently most important wrestler within the WWE.