Scott Hall: "I suggested that Sting wear the Crow makeup"

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Scott Hall: "I suggested that Sting wear the Crow makeup"

One of the most iconic and legendary characters in the entire pro-wrestling world is undoubtedly Sting, current wrestler and manager of All Elite Wrestling, who for a whole career has truly trod the rings all over the world, starting his stellar success in the WCW rings, then moving on to those of TNA, then again in WWE and finally on those of the competing company of McMahon, of AEW.

For over 30 years, in fact, Sting has continued undaunted to stage his character, which over the years has however changed considerably, passing from the character of the smiling, sunny and colorful surfer, to that of the dark, gloomy and black individual, with a facepaint that has gone from having warm and bright colors, to being only black and white.

His greatest success, arrived in the WCW rings, came just when Sting decided to take on the role of his version Crow and that is the one dedicated to the famous film by Brandon Lee, where the boy died on the stage for an accidentally fired gunshot.

, which arrived in Italy in the 90s with the name of the Crow.

Scott Hall: "I suggested that Sting wear the Crow makeup"

Although more than 20 years have passed, apparently Scott Hall would not have forgotten his first meeting with Sting, with whom he talked about his surfer facepaint.

In his latest interview with 83 Weeks, Scott Hall, WWE Hall of Famer, also recounted what he said to the Stinger. He said: "It was my first real TV appearance in Macon, Georgia. Of course like all kids I arrived very early, definitely early.

I was dressed in my usual denim clothes and saw Sting live for the first time. I knew him of course, but I hadn't gotten to talk to him yet. At the time, he was still in the surfer's shoes, but he was growing his hair.

At the time he was already a big shot and I was still trying to make myself well known. So even though we weren't in the same circle, I still tried to start a conversation with him and started my speech from his look. I asked him if he was really growing his hair and he said yes.

Immediately after I asked him even if he would keep the surfer character despite the change of hairstyle and he a little doubtful continued to answer yes. So at that point I asked him Why don't you try to change something about your look? Have you ever seen the Raven? and he said no.

After explaining who he was, I also said: I'm not telling you to copy Undertaker, but why don't you think about it? It was a different territory after all, so why not try something vaguely similar? In the end as soon as he heard these words, he immediately went to talk to Eric Bischoff and time a few weeks and thus made his debut in the WCW rings.
Now I don't want any kind of credit for this, it was just the right thing to do."