Drew McIntyre challenges John Cena for Wrestlemania 39!

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Drew McIntyre challenges John Cena for Wrestlemania 39!

One of the characters who have been pivotal for WWE in this pandemic period, so throughout most of 2020 and much of this 2021, was last year's Royal Rumble winner and then Wrestlemania 36 main event winner as well: Drew McIntyre.

After winning last year's 30-man royal brawl and beating none other than Brock Lesnar, in one of the main events of the Showcase of the Immortals, which aired in full from the Orlando Performance Center, Drew McIntyre has become the most important face of everything Monday Night Raw, coming to tow the entire show almost alone, throughout his reign as world champion, until other important wrestlers such as The Miz and Bobby Lashley intervened to get in his way.

Even now, Drew McIntyre remains in the titled round that counts in that of the red show, with his next big challenge which is the one against Bobby Lashley, current WWE world champion of the Stamford company, in their next fight which will arrive on June 20th.

a Hell in a Cell. What surprised fans who attended his latest interview, released for the occasion to the microphones of T-Mobile Center, were the statements of the WWE Scot, Drew McIntyre, who went to challenge none other than John Cena, 16 times world champion of McMahon and who has now been absent from the ring of the company for some time.

Pressed about future editions of the Showcase of the Immortals, Drew said: "But if we go to Hollywood, The Rock would be the obvious choice, for a dream match, but I think fans want to see Rock vs Roman, so I'll take Cena since he's going to Hollywood.

It would be a great story, the one that Cena challenges me for his 17th reign as world champion. Absolutely, I like it." With these statements, in addition to having deliberately challenged the Leader of the Chain Gang now absent from the WWE rings for over a year, Drew McIntyre also assured fans how he will win the title in the next Hell in a Cell match.

, thus confirming himself as champion until the next editions of the Showcase of the Immortals. A very big dream, which in any case with a character like him would also be feasible in this WWE.

Kane returns to sponsor wrestling outside WWE

The Big Red Machine that we all know and love, responds to the name of Kane, pseudonym of Glenn Jacobs, historical WWE wrestler, who this year had the honor and the burden of entering the WWE Hall of Fame, with the news of his introduction that came as a surprise during one of the episodes of the company's secondary broadcasts, with Undertaker, (his brother in the WWE ring storylines), who had the pleasure of confiding in him this official investiture.

After more than 20 years of honorable service, the favorite demon of the devil of the rings of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, has thus managed to enter the Ark of Glory of the Stamford company, between the evident emotion of Glenn himself and the applause of WWE Universe fans, who unfortunately did not have the opportunity to attend the McMahon ceremony this year, which was held as every year in Wrestlemania Week.

Although at the moment his full-time job remains that of Mayor of Knox County, Kane still wanted to take part in a new project related to pro-wrestling, which has nothing to do with WWE, becoming the testimonial of a new training school to become a pro-wrestler, on American soil.

In the video that you can see below, Kane is in fact in the company of another historic wrestler, "Dr" Tom Prichard, brother of the more famous Bruce and Chris, also a former wrestler who has given birth to thousands of historic matches in the ring of half the world, which has now opened its own school.

Let's now see the video in which both world legends of our beloved discipline appear to promote the work of the new academy.
In the tweet that accompanies Kane's video, it is also remembered how Prichard has trained great athletes who have become very famous in the WWE rings, such as The Rock, Roman Reigns, Edge, Natalya, Bray Wyatt, Tamina and many others.