Alexa Bliss thanks fans after her pet pig dies

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Alexa Bliss thanks fans after her pet pig dies

In the last few hours, unfortunately, the former champion of Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown, Alexa Bliss, currently seen in a long feud with a very dark character, alongside the federation's demonic Fiend for months, had to face a bad moment who did not expect to live so soon.

After only 4 years of life, her pet of hers, a pig that had accompanied her everywhere for a long time now, has in fact died in excruciating pain. In the last hours, an Alexa literally panicked, had done everything to try to help her Larry Steve, who had ended up in a whirlwind of pain from which he seemed unable to get out, until he died only a few hours later.

After trying in vain to receive the help of a specialized veterinarian, with all the doctors around the Bliss house who repeatedly put the phone in her face, the girl continued to seek help online, through her social networks, not seeing but nobody's intervention until late Monday night.

In the end Larry Steve unfortunately did not make it and Alexa Bliss also skipped Monday Night Raw because she was visibly shaken by the loss of her.

Alexa Bliss thanks fans for her thoughts on her Larry

Through a video posted on her Twitter page, Alexa wanted to thank all the fans for the nice thoughts delivered to her profile, saying: "Hi, I just wanted to come here to say thank you to everyone who left a thought for Larry and let everyone know that I appreciate the support and the people who have called and texted.
I'll come back to answer you, I just still can't because we are still trying to understand and process what happened.

Larry left really fast and we haven't fully understood it yet, but he left surrounded by people who loved him, my family was there, we looked after him until the end. And Ryan played his music on the guitar because Larry liked the music.

I just wanted to tell specialized animal centers or veterinarians, no matter how big an animal is or how different it is from others ... please help them. I hope Larry's story helps people open their eyes and realize that there are these other types of animals with these sizes around here too.

And I would like people to do more in this area. We will celebrate Larry's birthday tomorrow. I would really like to do something special to celebrate his birthday and maybe do something for a charity or fundraiser to help animals.

If that's something you guys are interested in too, or something like that, please let us know. And again, thank you."