Is John Cena going back to the ring?

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Is John Cena going back to the ring?

The multiple world champion John Cena has now been missing from the WWE rings for a whole year, or from his last match which was that of Wrestlemania 36, ​​which took place in the Performace Center in Orlando, where he went to face an emerging The Fiend, in the first and historic Firefly Fun House match of the history of the McMahon company.

After more than a year of back and forth, nothing more was known about the leader of the Cenation, with a possible appearance that was initially confirmed for Wrestlemania 37 and then denied by the multiple WWE world champion himself, who engaged on Canadian sets of his new TV project, the series dedicated to The Peacemaker, he had repeatedly said that he could not attend the most important event on the WWE calendar, which he too had helped to make it so big.

Due to the scheduled time for self-quarantine, of at least 14 days in the US, Cena was reluctantly unable to attend Wrestlemania 37.

As has often happened, John Cena has returned to make people talk a lot about himself by simply posting a photo on his Instagram profile, which is chock full of the most disparate images, which very often hide a very specific signal and meaning.

Once again, with a simple logo, John Cena has attracted the interest of millions of fans and journalists around the world, simply by sharing the photo of the WWE logo.
Yesterday, Cena has in fact posted the new WWE logo, which the company has been using for some years now, with the various social profiles of the federation (including WWE on FOX), who have noticed the thing, which they have also left open to several doubts with the fans, precisely on a possible return.

What could Cena have meant with that photo? That the filming of his TV series is now over and it's time to see him again in a major feud on WWE televisions? We just have to wait and look forward to what will happen in the next weeks of WWE programming.

John Cena Sr .: "The new Undertaker and Kane are..."

John Cena Sr.

can't understand why WWE didn't want to turn Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt into modern versions of Kane and The Undertaker. In 1997, the character of Glenn Jacobs made his federation debut in Stamford as the brother of The Undertaker.

The two superstars continued to interact with each other for the next two decades, eventually becoming iconic faces of the company both in the eyes of fans and their peers. Speaking with Dan Mirade of Boston Wrestling MWF, the father of 16-time world champion John Cena criticized WWE's choice of not giving Dallas enough opportunities.

The former NXT champion was expected to engage in a feud with another much-discussed wrestler, namely The Fiend. He said: "WWE has missed a huge chance to give life to the new Kane and The Undertaker, who could have looked like Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt.

Maybe I have a different view of how to use superstars, but when you have such talents you have to build something better for them. I immediately understood that those two guys had what it takes to do something great, but for some reason the WWE didn't want to press their brains."

In John's opinion, Otis is also set to leave WWE soon. The latter collaborated with Tucker from 2016 to 2020, before the latter received the compliment from Vince McMahon to general amazement. "I don't think Otis will stay in the company for long, I'm afraid his departure is imminent.

Comedy in wrestling doesn't work, especially that way. Do not fall into humiliation or denigration of women or other professionals. I do not like. I know that I will receive some criticism for these words of mine, but it is my sincere opinion. Otis has no real place in WWE."